Fall Kickoff: Church Resources for the New Season

Fall Kickoff: Church Resources for the New Season

June 1, 2018 by

It’s June—the month when summer officially arrives—which means it’s time to start thinking about hayrides and pumpkin spice lattes! Hooray!

Erm, have you lost your mind, Kelley? Nope. I haven’t.

What I have lost is my enthusiasm for planning crazy-busy seasons when said seasons have already arrived aaaaaand I suspect you feel the same way. So, rather than waiting until September to talk about fall kickoff, we thought it made a whole lot more sense to talk about it in June. This way, you’ll have a fighting chance of strategizing, planning, and prepping well in advance of the ramp-up.

In addition to our ginormous (and growing) collection of ready-to-use social graphics, our new Courageous Storytellers content this month includes:

  • A webinar with J.D. Greear that explores the missional vs. attractional debate (one you might find yourself having if your fall kickoff is event-driven)
  • Tips for communicating fall without creating noise.
  • A checklist of communication pieces and channels to review in the fall.
  • Creative ideas for inviting people back to church after summer break; nonthreatening, on-campus events for the fall; and ways to meet new folks out in the community.
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about how to do a bulk mailer the “right” way.
  • A primer on how to release creativity in a brainstorming session.
  • Tips for putting together a hassle-free (sorta) small group registration process.
  • Ideas for building momentum toward your fall kickoff activities.
  • A new way to think about events at your church (from a former theme park director!).
  • A no-stress approach to event planning.

Courageous Storytellers is a rapidly expanding library of ridiculously practical resources for church communicators who need help. Each month, we focus on a specific topic we know church comms tend to wrestle with. Learn more today.

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