Post-Easter Recovery Plan

Post-Easter Recovery Plan

April 4, 2018 by

Before I write a single word, let me establish something right off the bat: I love Easter. I really do. All of it. The unreasonable grace, the unrelenting redemption, the light shoving aside the dark, and… and… jellybeans. What’s not to love?

Post-Easter Recovery Plan But also, as a church communicator, Easter often becomes something to be gotten through.

I mean, Easter is the best, of course, but it’s also the worst, because we just barely survived Christmas and now we have to do the Biggest Day of the Year all over again, except instead of a simple cookies with Santa event we now have to figure out how to one-up the church down the street that’s doing a helicopter egg drop and a bunny giveaway and an adult egg hunt with things like Hawaiian vacations and iPad Pros for prizes.

So, yes: Easter is great. And it’s also something we claw our way through. (I hope that’s not just me.) To make sure you’re still around to survive it next year, I propose the following post-Easter recovery plan.

Download our 8-step Post-Easter Recovery Plan now.

(And if that sounds like too much work, here’s a teaser: #7 involves sleep.)

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