Church Visitor Horror Stories: Welcome Room

Church Visitor Horror Stories: Welcome Room

June 3, 2015 by

Last fall we started collecting Church Visitor Horror Stories to celebrate our book, Unwelcome: 50 Ways Churches Drive-Away First-Time Visitors by Jonathan Malm. It’s been scary stuff. But hopefully we can learn to be more welcoming.

The Welcome Room

Recently I visited a very large church in Ohio. This church is my parents’ home church, and while I have been there before, it has been several years.

I entered by myself and there weren’t any greeters. I got the nod of strangers, but no one talked to me. I stood against a wall waiting for my family and was completely ignored, even though I couldn’t have been a more obvious “lost visitor.” My family finally showed up and someone did greet me as we walked into the service.

During the service, the pastor announced that any first-time visitors were encouraged to go across the lobby after the service and meet one of the pastors in the “Welcome Room” and receive a gift of one of their worship CDs.

On the way out I checked out the “Welcome Room.” It was a small room with only one door and only two people standing around inside. Rather uninviting. I didn’t stick around to see if anyone went in. –Bryan Donihue

What’s the opposite of a VIP room?

You should work to integrate guests into the life of your church, not separate them.

The Solution

Having a specific room to welcome visitors is a step in the right direction. They’re thinking about visitors. They’re trying to welcome them. They even have a free gift.

Their heart is in the right place. But their execution is falling flat.

Why segregate guests and your welcoming committee into a lonely little room that’s easily overlooked? Awkward!

  • Put your greeters at the doors and welcome people as they come in.
  • Never make a visitor hunt for a specific room. If you have a visitor center, make it impossible to miss. Put it front and center and have signs all over the place directing people to it.
  • You should work to integrate guests into the life of your church. Introduce them to people. Help them feel like a part of what’s happening. Don’t separate them from everything that’s happening.


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