Easter Film Produced by Ohio Church & Indiegogo

Easter Film Produced by Ohio Church & Indiegogo

January 15, 2015 by

“Rediscover the power of the greatest story ever told through the eyes of Mary Magdalene.”

With a passion for “translating God’s word using the power of video storytelling,” videographer, John Pana, and his creative team at NEO Church in Independence, Ohio, have prayerfully worked on a short Easter film for over a year, hoping to relay the heartache and joy of the Easter story in a way that appeals to both frequent church attenders and Easter Sunday guests.

Pana, the film’s author and director, credits the whole team who he says has “worked diligently together” to create a piece that tells a “real story, with real emotions,” one that people living in today’s world closely relate to and understand. Their desire is that viewers experience the love of Christ through Mary’s story.

Video production is set to begin on January 23. In these final days of preparation, the team is searching for the final cast member (Jesus), finishing the multi-purposed movie set, putting the finishing touches on the costumes and praying God will help them share the Easter story in a powerful and life-changing way.

More than 25 volunteers are participating in the film’s production and donations from various sources are helping cover expenses. To complete the budget for their $4,500 goal, the team decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to meet the final production costs.

The funding campaign runs through January 25, and each church or individual donating $25 or more will receive a digital download of the movie, which can be used for personal, church or ministry purposes.   Donors can also receive email updates during production from the producer.

Beth Siesel, NEO’s creative director, said the heart behind the film is also to provide a resource for other churches to share with their congregations, not just at NEO Church. She’s hopeful it will be “shared in churches all across the country.”

If you want to participate in this amazing adventure and receive a digital copy of the film, please donate to their funding campaign. To make a contribution and to learn more about the film and its creators, please visit the team’s Indiegogo page: “Magdalene Easter Short Film”.

When Jesus rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had driven seven demons. – Mark 16:9

Update: Watch the completed video.

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