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Some churches have all the ideas. At least that’s how it can feel sometimes. Another hilarious video, new song or fun idea from “one of the creative churches.” But we know better. There are thousands of little churches all over the country with great ideas. So to help those who are feeling stuck, we asked you: Where does your church get its marketing ideas from most often?

36%, the biggest chunk, of you just have some geniuses (genii?) on staff. Or either some processes that bring the great ideas out of your staff. The takeaway here? Hire well, and put your people in situations where they can be creative.

31% of you get your great ideas the same place you get your music, 1808. The question was vague here, so these folks either have a time machine or no new ideas. Either way, not much of a strategy you can glean from here.

In a near-tie, 14% and 13%, respectively, get their market ideas from whatever churches are hip right now and whatever companies are hip right now. Take what they do, and adapt it for your needs. It’s not a perfect system, but at least you’re trying and staying relevant to your crowd.

Probably a bit less effective, 7% of you just go ahead and take ideas from the church down the street. I’m sure no one will notice you stole their billboard, service structure or mailers, right? Guys? Right?

This week’s question is pretty simple: Have you ever attended an Internet campus or service?

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