Church Marketing Lab: A Bright Idea

March 21, 2008 by

This week, we take a break from our regularly-scheduled Church Marketing Lab roundup. I couldn’t help but highlight a single entry this week — a poignant and humorous submission that might just be a good idea for all churches.

Volunteer Care and Feeding Guide1Volunteer Care and Feeding Guide 2

To quote Church Marketing Lab member reslifephoto, this is …

“A guide to caring for volunteers at church. Internal communication to help staff work with volunteers. I chose to use cartoons examples to keep people’s attention. It seemed to work, for months after I handed these out, people still had them posted at their desks!”

Three cheers to you, reslifephoto, for a great idea and putting your priorities on treating volunteers well. And another two cheers for you, Church Marketing Lab, for being a place where ideas like this can come to get around.

Done something creative? Want to do something creative? Head over and get your creative glass filled up.

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