Church Marketing Lab: The Vision

Church Marketing Lab: The Vision

November 9, 2012 by

Every couple of weeks we post a roundup of the remarkable things happening in the Church Marketing Lab. However, if you are new around here (or new to the Center for Church Communication) you might not know the vision we have for the Lab.

Feedback can make all the difference, which is why we started this interaction group to share and critique church marketing materials. This group is hosted on Flickr and enables people to share their work, offer their feedback and improve church communication. It’s the power of the people, working for the church.

The collective wisdom of the group is almost always better than what any of us can come up with on our own. In addition to the contributions by the community at large, we also have a group of highly-qualified church communications professionals and designers who frequent the Lab to offer their expertise and inspiration.

We hope you’ll jump over to the Church Marketing Lab and jump in on the conversation happening there!

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