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March 30, 2006 by

It’s time for better church marketing. Want to help?

Step into the lab and help churches improve their marketing and communications by taking part in our new Flickr group, the Church Marketing Lab. It’s a photo-sharing group independent of this blog where anyone can share their work and give feedback to others.

If it sounds a lot like the peer reviews we used to post on a weekly basis, it should. The peer reviews were time intensive to organize and post and we were hoping for a better solution. We managed 24 peer reviews in six months, but in the single month we’ve been testing the Church Marketing Lab, we had 60 photos posted by 40 people.

And that’s the idea. It’s the power of the people. Put it to work for your church.

Share Your Comments
You’ll need a free Flickr or Yahoo! account to post comments and see all the posted images (a lot of the images are only visible if you’re signed in). Once you have an account and are signed in, join the group and you can post comments below each photo. Read more comment guidelines.

Share Your Work
With a free Flickr or Yahoo! account you can start uploading images today. Share any type of church communication material, whether it’s already out the door and you want feedback for next time or if it’s a work in progress and you need help making it just right. Remember that the more background info you give the more helpful feedback can be. And remember that this is a Church Marketing Lab—this group doesn’t cover ministries, para-church organizations or businesses. Check out our detailed submission guidelines for more.

Make a Difference
The Church Marketing Lab is only as good as you make it. We started the peer reviews with the mindset that we didn’t know everything. That’s still true. We need your input and involvement to make the Church Marketing Lab a successful community. Here’s to better church marketing.

And guess what? It’s already happening. On March 22 someone posted a teaser video and the same day someone pointed out a typo: sacrafice. Typo fixed. Embarrassment averted. Church marketing improved.

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