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2009_09_16_whatsuckspollresults.jpgYou don’t have to read deep into our site to know that we think church marketing can suck. But you visit our site, so maybe you think it sucks, too. Well, what exactly is it that sucks about it? We asked you to find out.

40% of you think the problem is the product. Your churches might have gossipy members, a lame pastor or a bad theology, but whatever it is, good luck trying to fix it with marketing.

That’s separate from the 17% of you who toss it up to product packaging–an ugly building, a crappy web site or terrible design. You think these things keep people from looking into churches the most.

Another 27% of you think the problem is promotion. Do churches really just expect everyone to talk about them enough to get the word out? They’re going to have to try harder than that.

And finally, 10% of you think the pricing is off; it takes too long or they ask for too much money. While 6% of you tally it up to placement; it’s simply silly to expect people to show up to your hidden church building on a Sunday morning.

This week, we want to know your opinion on Brian McLaren’s recent actions: What do you think of observing Ramadan to reach out to Muslim neighbors?

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2 Responses to “What Sucks Poll Results”

  • Damon
    November 22, 2009

    First Pastors can start by gaining credibility and our trust if they can honestly give us an answer as to why they mandate the Old Testament tithing law and not Sabbath keeping!
    If they say Jesus died so we now are under the New Covenant of Grace then if reveals that they are Scripture twisting. Someone needs to teach how to collect money without the compromise of the truth. If not the controversy and figure pointing will continue. Teaching to pay God for for an answer to prayer is dishonest and dishonoring the good Character and mercy of our loving God who sent Jesus to pay in full for our salvation and daily needs for free!

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  • Damon
    November 22, 2009

    If the Sabbath, and circumcision law is not mandated then neither should tithing otherwise Pastors that enforce tithing are picking and choosing which Old Testament laws should be kept. In the Old Testament they all had to be kept for right standing and blessing from God.
    No one could keep them perfectly!
    That is why we needed our Savior, Jesus to do it for us! Only he fulfilled the law to perfection. Thinking people study and know when they are being duped big time and it is a big turn off to be manipulated for money like that! Teach grace giving if we are in the Dispensation of Grace and not Old Covenant Law!

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