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August 22, 2005 by

Church Web Site pollLast week’s poll asked if your church had a web site, and 79% of churches did have a web site. Though that sounds like good news, 43% of people said their church’s web site makes them cry (earlier in the week that number was higher, not that it means anything). Not exactly good news if more than half the church web sites out there are that cringe-worthy.

On the plus side, of the 22% of churches without web sites, more than half are currently working on a web site. Let’s just hope these new additions don’t produce more tears.

Check out this week’s poll asking if ‘sucks’ is a swear word. And yes, we do realize that our audience will probably skew the results of that one.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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5 Responses to “Church Web Site Poll Results”

  • Brad Abare
    August 22, 2005

    Every poll on this site will be skewed!

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  • Nate
    August 22, 2005

    I dont think church web sites will ever stop making people cry. The philosphy and mindset just doesnt seem to be there (from several of the churches I have spoken with in regards to this). For instance, there are 76 churches in our district, of them, 72 have a web site. Approximately 62% of them use FREE hosting from their ISP or another source (most of which result in banner advertisements not controlled by the church). Approximately 56% of them had content what was dated over a year ago. After speaking with several of them, they simply had the pastor or some other layperson (Secretary) update the website with a WYSIWYG.
    (The research I did was several months ago – some things may have changed by then).
    Most churches didnt even understand the concept of a dynamic website (including the church I attend). They were in awe when I told them they could dynamically control things on their website (not just news, but other elements to the site).
    Churches, whether it be for financial reason or another reason, are afraid to seek professional help to rework their website. Instead, they settle with being poor with their website (as this pool has shown).
    Though they CMS systems are nice, sometimes they can be too much or not enough – not to mention none of them effectively control the fact that the hands behind the CMS may not know what they are doing. I truly believe that the person updating the website should at least have SOME knowledge of xHTML and web standards (at the least).
    Without the knowledge, chaos ensues – which brings tears to our eyes.
    If you had to have surgery, would you rather go to someone who is a qualified, trained, and seasoned professional – or someone who says “I have read the books, I have all the tools, but I dont really know WHAT im doing.” Same goes for a website, just because you have a WYSIWYG or online CMS doesnt mean you will instantly have a successful website (which is what most of them promote). You still have to have the knowledge of your medium and know why you are doing what your are doing (and its implications on our audience).
    I know there will be those that disagree with me, but the proof is in the results – I challenge you to research your local church websites – I guarantee the tears will continue to flow!

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  • mikey
    August 22, 2005

    You really needed a choice between “rocks” and “cry.” Ours is neither, it’s just okay…

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  • kevin
    August 22, 2005

    Mikey–you know, I pondered that, but a so-so church web site makes me cry just as much as a lame church web site.

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  • Design
    September 14, 2005

    Does Your Church Have A Web Site?

    Church Marketing Sucks just got back the results of their online poll asking whether your church has a web site or not. The results are interesting and really emphasize the need for what we are doing here at Of the 253 people who took t…

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