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2009_04_14_holyweekpollresults.jpgLast week, we asked which of the Holy Week festivities your church would be observing this year. Here’s what you had to say:

Coming up first was, of course, Easter Sunday. A third of you celebrated Easter in some way, shape or form that was different from your normal services. Maybe you had a play, maybe it was a “Resurrection Sunday” or perhaps you just did that whole “He is risen/He is risen, indeed!” thing a bunch of times.

In a virtual tie after that were Palm Sunday and Good Friday. About a quarter of you broke out the palm fronds, and a quarter of you observed Jesus’ death, likely with a side of grape juice and a cracker.

After that is Maundy Thursday, where you might have chosen some feet-washing, ringing of the bells or a good old-fashioned “last supper” feast.

5% of you also celebrate Holy Saturday, which I’ll admit, I didn’t know existed except for Wikipedia. Even the Big Picture, in all their Holy Week photography glory, failed to mention this one. It’s the forgotten Holy Week holiday.

A tiny sliver of you don’t celebrate any of the week’s festivities at your church, and an equally tiny sliver only celebrate Mardi Gras. (Or you’re just picking the smart aleck option.)

This week, we’re asking you the following question: Seth Godin thinks you should have some design competency. What’s your skill level?

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2 Responses to “Holy Week Poll Results”

  • Leanne Shawler
    April 15, 2009

    I would point out that on Good Friday the whole point, at least in the liturgical churches (Catholic, Episcopal, etc) is *not* to have communion, be it in the form of grape juice, wine, bread, or a cracker.

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  • Geoff in CT
    April 15, 2009

    Re Holy Saturday, in the liturgical churches, this is the time of the Great Vigil of Easter, with the New Fire, Lighting of the Paschal Candle, and first Eucharist of Easter. It’s a pretty dramatic service in our little parish, beginning in candlelight with stories from the Old Testament, and, around midway in the service, welcoming the Resurrection (lights go on, bells ring, organ plays, choir sings, etc.).

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