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March 23, 2010 by

2010_03_22_easterplanspollresults.jpgWe’re just around the corner from the annual celebration of the first Sunday after the first Friday after the first full moon of the spring equinox. Humans have come up with a hundred different ways to celebrate this day–everything from chocolate bunnies to resurrection dramas. With that in mind, we asked you, loyal reader, how your church plans to celebrate the resurrection.

The big winner? Something else. You’re breaking out of the box and paving your own road for Easter. So let’s hear it in the comments, what are 30% of you doing who didn’t fit in with any of our options?

Just behind that, 26% of you are planning to drop a modern-day Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. A big-time, show-stopping, summer blockbuster sermon that’s going to go down in history.

After that, 17% of you are keeping it calm and kid-friendly with an Easter egg hunt in honor of Mary and Mary’s hunt for Jesus. And another 12% are focusing on your community with some form of service or outreach.

10% of your churches are holding a sunrise service, which may or may not (depending on whether you sport a church marquee) be publicized as a “Son-rise” service.

After that, it’s just the lonely few. 2% are observing the stations of the cross, 1% are having a seder supper and 1% are producing your own film.

This week, we’re headed for hot topics. Has your church ever found itself in a media firestorm?

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3 Responses to “Easter Ideas Poll Results”

  • ryan guard
    March 23, 2010

    Most of our effort is going into THIS Sunday. Easter will be a pretty typical service, with a definite focus on the resurrection and all of the good stuff attached.
    This Sunday we’re making a big donation to charity: water for their Haiti relief. For every person that comes to our church we’re gonna give $5 to them. I’m hoping we have to write a huge check on Monday.

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  • Les
    March 24, 2010

    Saw this on a church marquee today. Got to be the WORST marketing slogan EVER for Easter: Hang out with Jesus, He Hung out for You!

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  • Shane Nowell
    March 24, 2010

    We are having a candy rain for children, an interpretive drama to music, and a few prizes to give away such as a bicycle, gift card to Walmart, etc. We also asked every family to take 5 no absentee cards to fill out and return with the names of people they asked to attend Easter service. The invitees will then be sent a mailing about Easter at our church. We don’t aim to cheapen the experience, but we want to give everyone a reason to come to Easter service and hear the good news!

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