Wings, Short Shorts & God

September 9, 2004 by

Pamela Anderson teaching Sunday school is one thing, but a Bible study in Hooters? Organized by Christian Focus Atlanta, the Christian singles group meets every Wednesday night to discuss the Bible over chicken wings.

A meal with God-talk in the house of ‘sinners’ – where have we seen this before? While I can certainly think of arguments against the idea, it sounds strikingly familiar to what Jesus did.

But no Hooters girls on the flyers, okay?

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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3 Responses to “Wings, Short Shorts & God”

  • Eric
    September 14, 2004

    Good observation, and in sharp contrast to at least one other blog that slammed this practice as Scripturally indefensible (although without providing supporting verses!).
    Going where the people are simply follows Jesus’ example, and doesn’t imply approval of the environment surrounding those people. The church’s arrogance in refusing to acknowledge that will only serve to hasten its marginalization into irrelevance.
    Nice site, btw. Just found it via another blog, and I’ve added CMS to my blogroll.

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  • brad
    September 15, 2004

    I tell a friend of mine about this site and she checks it out. This entry is the one she reads and she e-mails me back the next day with a mouthful of comments and criticism…
    “I totally disagree with that guy who said it reminds him of Jesus when a Bible study meets at hooters. I REALLY think it is wrong! It’s people like this, with their dumb stupid statements about how Jesus just loved people and we just need to forgive and have grace all the time that mess things up. I do not believe Jesus would have encouraged a bunch of men to go to a strip club or to Hooters to witness. What are their conversations going to be like? “Hey, look at the ass on that girl… you know what can fulfill you better than women… Jesus!” Unbelievable. Now if it is women who are going, then by all means, go. What is the purpose in those men being at Hooters? We are not Jesus. And one of the biggest problems for men in this country today is pornography and lust so going to a place where that is what is advertised seems silly. Now Jesus would go to the house of sinners and eat dinner with them. But he did not go with the intent of going to a strip club or to a place that is a place where the purpose is to lust. There is a huge difference. We are supposed to be in the world and not of it. I think it is a very bad judgment call. It sounds nothing like Jesus or what he would call his people to do. I get so tired of Christian men looking down or judging what I wear or telling me that I am causing them to lust by what I wear… while they go to a Bible study at Hooters or “just go because of the wings!” It makes me feel like what they have to say is null and void. So what if one of the girls at Hooters gets becomes a Christian, how are you going to tell her that her job is not the wisest and that she is causing people to stumble and the motive of the job is wrong while you are there staring at these women? What testimony is this to women? I’ll tell you about Jesus as I use you to satisfy myself?”
    So much for getting a little feedback on the site in general!

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  • Eric
    September 17, 2004

    It’s been a killer week and I’m just now getting back here. Anyway, I’m not surprised at the response from your friend to my remarks. But…wow…did she ever chase a rabbit!
    Oh well…that’s the joy of the blogosphere. Anything worth writing is worth misinterpreting.

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