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2009_02_03hooterspollresults.jpgA few weeks ago, Rice Temple Baptist Church met Hooters. And their community saw great dividends from their partnership. You might originally be taken aback if you heard a Hooters was moving in next to your church, but we wanted to know how you think your church would actually respond. Here’s what you had to say:

Over half of you think your church would welcome them and work with them, just like Rice Temple did–joining with them for Bible studies if possible and looking for any opportunity to share God and do life with them.

Another third of you would “love them from a distance.” You know, the way you love a friend who can’t stay out of trouble or a family member you’ve already had to forgive 490 times.

The final 17% of you would stay away–far, far away. You don’t want your husbands and children being corrupted with the lustful lure of death-tinted orange shorts. For you, it’s better to stay away than to risk the trouble that comes with a Hooters.

This week, we want to know: Did your church do anything special for MLK Day?

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