Hack Your Life: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

Hack Your Life: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

October 2, 2019 by

Sure, senior pastors are busy. Preparing sermons, leading staff meetings, offering pre-marital counseling, and on and on the list continues. These people have gifts and callings from God that undeniably bless our communities and challenge our congregations to grow.

We’re certainly not taking anything away from senior pastors or anyone else on your team, but church communicators might be the most misunderstood and under-appreciated folks on church staffs. We’re sort of the equivalent of church referees; if we do our jobs really well, people probably won’t even know we exist.

Take us out of the equation, though, and chaos is sure to ensue.

With everything we have on our plates, I think all of us would be grateful for a few extra hours in the workweek, or at least a few tricks that make our massive/unrealistic (?) workloads a little more manageable.

That’s what this month is all about. These little tips and tricks may not completely rock your world, but they may help you complete your weekly tasks just a little quicker and just a little easier. Smart church communicators take advantage of automation, delegation, and simplification to hack their way to a slightly easier and more productive life.

And one more tip: After you implement all these changes, take advantage of the time you save. Don’t just work more hours with the time you save. Go home. Rest. Spend time with your family and do stuff for fun. That might be the most important life hack you can find.

This Month’s Resources:

  • Webinar with Barbara Carneiro about making design easy with Canva.
  • 25 productivity hacks for church comm life.
  • Where to find stock photos, background music, & video b-roll that isn’t horrible.
  • Basic pros/cons of Dropbox, Evernote, & Google Drive.
  • 25 life hacks that also work at the office.
  • Maybe you don’t need to post on social media every day…
  • Save time by centralizing comm elements.
  • How to hack your email inbox.
  • How to delegate like a boss.
  • The ultimate list of ProPresenter hacks.
  • How to keep track of all your passwords.
  • And, of course, our awesome social graphics.

See the Resources

Check out this month’s hack your life resources, and if you’re not a member of Courageous Storytellers, consider joining.

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Matt Ehresman

Matt has worked in church communication for the past five years where he oversees basically anything anyone ever sees at First MB Church in Wichita, Kan. His wife Tillie dances in the street, sings her sentences, and is an excellent mother to their daughter, Heidi. Matt is also our membership director for Courageous Storytellers.
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