Rethink Communication: Rethink & Rework

Rethink Communication: Rethink & Rework

July 24, 2019 by

In Phil Bowdle’s book, Rethink Communication, he explores how society has changed and churches need to rethink how they communicate. He makes a compelling case—our social media and device addictions mean we have the attention span of goldfish (worse, actually). But what happens after you rethink? It’s time to rework.

Phil Bowdle explores this idea in his new book, Rethink Communication: A Playbook to Clarify and Communicate Everything in Your Church.

In this clip from an exclusive Courageous Storytellers webinar, Phil talks about the value of reworking how we do things:

“It’s hard to know what to rework if you don’t rethink how you approach things.”

Rethink and Rework

It’s hard to know what to rework if you don’t rethink how you approach things. I think the rework part of it at the end comes down to the systems and strategies you’re using to communicate your message. There are going to be some things that might need to be retooled and reworked, some new systems, new plays in your playbook to communicate your message.

So at the end, my goal is to build on the foundation of the new reality of what we have to understand about communicating to any individual in our church and in our community. And then give a playbook for how to communicate any message in your church. I want to give everybody some really practical systems, strategies, and ideas to be able to say, here’s something you can place in your church, customize it for yourself, here’s how you can do that in social media. Here’s how you can develop your church wide communication plan to help manage the chaos of communicating all the different messages at once. So I want to be able to help people rethink and rework their strategies and give them some really practical tools to be able to do that.


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