Simple Father’s Day Idea for Your Church

Simple Father’s Day Idea for Your Church

June 5, 2019 by

Father’s Day is coming up quick. What is your church doing?

Some churches have elaborate setups with graphics and photo booths and giveaways. Other churches don’t even mention it. Mother’s Day certainly gets more attention as the third-most attended Sunday of the year (behind Easter and Christmas, of course), and sometimes Father’s Day gets forgotten. Or it could be that we’re too busy with graduation and VBS and oh-my-gosh-it’s-nice-let’s-go-outside (just me?—sorry, in Minnesota we have to embrace the warmth while we can).

We’ve got a simple idea your church can borrow for Father’s Day this year.

(OK, we borrowed it from Park Community Church in Chicago and their 2017 Father’s Day video.)

Father’s Day Slideshow

It’s pretty easy:

  1. Ask your congregation to share pictures of dads and father figures on social media.
  2. Gather those pictures and create a slideshow.
  3. Slap on some music—maybe something instrumental so it’s not too cheesy—and you’re done.

What’s nice about this idea is you can do with it what you want:

  • If your church has an elaborate Father’s Day planned, this could be one piece in the larger effort.
  • If your church mostly ignores Father’s Day, this could be something you simply share on social media.
  • Or anything in between.

It can be a good way to involve your congregation and create something they’re willing to share online. Your church is taking part in the wider cultural conversation around Father’s Day, celebrating dads and sparking conversation.


If you need more help with Father’s Day, we’ve got some Father’s Day social graphics your church can download and share.

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