6 Pastors You Are Glad You Don’t Work For

6 Pastors You Are Glad You Don’t Work For

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We love our pastors, right? But sometimes they can be hard to work with. You want this completely redesigned by when? We’ve all been there.

The 6 Pastors You Are Glad You Don't Work For: And How to Make the Most of Where You AreThere are different types of pastors who can drive you different types of crazy. We’ve profiled (stereotyped? yeah, a bit) six different kinds of pastors and have some suggestions for how you can work with them best.

Let’s be clear that God has put you where you are for a reason. He’s called you to serve the leader of your church—your pastor!  So unless you are the lead pastor, this isn’t about your vision but rather the vision of the leader God has placed over you. Your job is to find the best way to serve. We can help.

6 Pastors You Are Glad You Don’t Work For

We’ve profiled six different types of pastors that can be challenging to work for, along with tips on how to make that working relationship work:

1. The Overbearing Control Freak

Your pastor has to be in on every decision. It slows down the entire organization and if you dare move in any direction without your pastor’s direction, your career is in peril. Even though you are on a staff of talented experts, the pastor has to back-seat drive everything everyone does. People are frustrated because the pastor comes across as a know-it-all when, in reality, it seems like the pastor doesn’t know much at all. They have a type-A, driven personality that leaves a wake of dead bodies. This pastor has a ton of energy and no one can keep up.

2. The Weak Reactor

The opposite extreme of the control freak is the pastor who can’t make a single decision. They come across as weak and they mostly react to things that happen in the church rather than push God’s mission for your church forward. When a decision has to be made, they need to get everyone’s consensus and, even then, they want to think about it some more.

3. The Procrastinator

The procrastinator pastor is always late. They’re late getting you their sermon outline (because they waited until Saturday night to finish it). They’re late to staff meetings. They’re likely doing anything other than what needs to be done. It’s frustrating for you because you’re waiting on them to get their stuff done so you can do your job. It’s always “hurry up and wait” with them.

4. The Over-the-Top Dreamer

You went to work for a dreamer. It’s fun because there is always something new; but it’s also frustrating because before you started working on their last idea, a new one has already taken priority. What’s more, the dreamer always wants to do something inspired by Willow Creek even though you’re on a shoestring budget. They’re often unrealistic and they get frustrated when you explain why your church can’t do what they’re asking.

5. The Copycat

The copycat pastor wants to be like that church up the street. And, the other one up the other street. They want to do that cool thing they saw at a conference. They want to do a skit like they saw on Jimmy Fallon. The copycat pastor has never had an original idea in their life. It’s difficult for you because instead of being strategic and mission focused, it feels like they’re always chasing the latest fad.

6. The Small Thinker

One of the most frustrating pastors to work for is the small thinker. This pastor says, “We’re just a small church in a small town so it doesn’t matter if we [fill in the blank].” Maybe they don’t see the growth potential or just don’t know how to take the church to the next level. This pastor is the opposite of the overbearing control freak and the over-the-top dreamer. They’re content to lead the flock already in the fold.

Get the Resource

Any of those difficult working relationships sound familiar? Now how do you make them work? Download our free resource to help improve your working relationship with your pastor:

Remember, the greatest marketing in the world is a failure if it’s not serving our pastor.

May God give you the grace to serve well, the wisdom to support your leader in a way that is most beneficial to all, and peace in knowing the work you are doing is of eternal importance.


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