Church Brand & Identity

Church Brand & Identity

May 2, 2018 by

When I first entered church communication world (150 years ago or so), the whole idea of applying marketing principles to church made people squirm. “We’re not a business!” people declared. “Jesus doesn’t need a ‘marketing campaign,’” people claimed. “Our ‘brand’ is the cross,” people argued.

Well, sure. OK. Except we have a logo—that sometimes gets stretched and smooshed and otherwise mauled. And we use words—that are sometimes inconsistent and confusing and otherwise meaningless. And we do things—that are sometimes in opposition to our stated mission and purpose and otherwise unproductive. And, hello, those all have something to do with branding.

Whether you’re part of a new church that’s just trying to find its identity, an older congregation that’s trying to reinvent itself, or a somewhere-in-between church that’s just trying to communicate who you are and who you aren’t, this month’s Courageous Storytellers resources will help you think through what branding is, why it’s important, and what to do about it.

In addition to ready-to-use social graphics, new content this month includes:

  • A conversation about church branding with Dawn Nicole Baldwin (the person behind VeggieTales’ branding) and Phil Cooke (filmmaker, writer, and branding guru).
  • Lots of advice on the right way to implement and survive a church rebrand.
  • Practical suggestions for addressing brand breaches.
  • A church branding checklist to make sure you’re addressing all six elements that make up your brand.
  • Sample brand standards and 12 highly recommended branding-related reads for church communicators.
  • A formula to help you clearly communicate who your church is and what you’re called to do.
  • A simple, clear explanation of mission and vision (finally!), which is, of course, part of your brand.
  • Recommendations for making sure your exterior signage is a good representation of your brand.
  • Tips for naming ministries.

Courageous Storytellers is a growing library of ridiculously practical resources for church communicators who need help. Each month, we focus on a specific topic that’s likely a part of your job description. Membership is affordable—and priceless. Learn more today.

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Kelley Hartnett

Kelley Hartnett spent more than a decade working in established churches and helping to launch new ones. She recently launched Tall Tree Collective, which helps nonprofits craft messages that inspire people to get behind their cause. Kelley formerly served as the membership director for our Courageous Storytellers Membership Site and is the author of You've Got This: A Pep Talk for Church Communicators.
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