Top 10 Posts of 2017

Top 10 Posts of 2017

December 27, 2017 by

At the close of another year it’s always fun to take a look back and see what we accomplished. Hopefully your church is taking a moment to do this as well. It’s an opportunity to pause and reflect.

So we’ve got our top 10 posts of 2017, selected based on traffic and a secret algorithm. Here we go:

10. Why Bulletins Suck and You Should Burn Them All

Church bulletins continue to be an area where churches need help, though some advocate that it’s time to say goodbye to the ol’ bulletin. Not everybody kissed their bulletin goodbye in 2017—some are sticking with a print bulletin.

9. 2017 Events for Church Communicators

Our annual rundown of events for church communicators continues to be popular.

8. How to Develop a Communications Playbook for Your Church

Every communicator knows things don’t just get done. You need a plan to make it happen. One church has a communications playbook and they shared how it came to be and even shared an example.

7. I Killed Communication Request Forms and So Can You

The online request form has been a tried and true way for churches to formalize a process. But it’s not always the best solution, especially if it keeps you from developing relationships with other ministries. Relationships trump process every time.

6. 8 Creative Instagram Ideas for Your Church

We’ve got a collection of ideas and examples for how your church can get the most out of Instagram.

5. 12 Productivity Tips for Church Communicators

We’ve got a few ideas to help you do your job better. It’s time to get organized, be more efficient, and make the most of your time. (And if you need more help, we’ve got a full list of 75 productivity tips for members on Courageous Storytellers.)

4. Bulletin Bingo

Download our handy bulletin bingo sheet, and see if your church’s bulletin faux pas can score you a bingo!

3. Why Your Church Needs Photo Permissions

We’re often asked what churches need to do about photo permissions. Do you need them? How do you get them? We explore some practical answers to this common question.

2. 6 Giving Stats to Help Boost Your Church’s Offering

We explore some giving stats and trends to see help you make a case for a focus on giving.

And our top post of 2017…

1. One-Year Church Service Planning Calendar

This giant wall calendar of church planning is a thing of beauty. Your entire year on one wall? Everyone wanted to check this out.

Happy 2017

Thanks for a great 2017. We wish you and your church the best as we launch into 2018.

Psst… need some help getting ready for the new year? We’ve got some free New Year’s social media graphics.


If you like the best of the best, you can always check out our top posts from previous years: 2016201520142013201220112010 and 2009 (our archive goes back farther, but our lists of top posts don’t).

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