Bulletin Bingo

Bulletin Bingo

May 10, 2017 by

Bulletin Bingo boardWe’re all about church bulletins this month. They may be the bane of the church communicator’s existence, but they’re still popular.

So let’s have some fun with it…

Ready to Play Bulletin Bingo?

Download our handy bulletin bingo sheet now, and see if your church’s bulletin faux pas can score you a bingo.

Maybe you listed more than 10 announcements or used too many fonts. If you suffer from inconsistent style and you’ve mismatched dates and days, then congratulations, you’ve got a bingo!

Unfortunately, there’s no cash prize. But you can win a better bulletin. Our bulletin bingo sheet includes links to some helpful resources, so you can start to fix those bulletin blunders.

Download Bulletin Bingo now, and don’t forget to claim your free space!

Download our handy bulletin bingo sheet, and see if your church’s bulletin faux pas can score you a bingo!


If you’re ready to bulletin better, check out our Courageous Storytellers Membership Site. Every month we add new resources to make the site better, and this month we’re talking bulletins. We’ve got sample bulletins, a proofing checklist, bulletin templates, a going digital guide, bulletin webinars, and more. Join now >>

Big thanks to Bonni Mace for designing our bingo sheet.

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