Free Coloring Calendar for Church Communicators

Free Coloring Calendar for Church Communicators

January 23, 2017 by

Oh, January. How we loathe love your resolutions and, during the first few weeks, the slow eke into church activities as usual. And two holidays?! Thank you, January, thank you.

But the end of the month approaches, bringing with it rain and fog (if you live in Austin) or sleet and snow (Minnesota? New York? Anyone?). (If you live in a place with temperate conditions, we aren’t envious at all. Not. At. All.) That means one and only thing: a full or rapidly filling calendar.

Hanging out in the church bathroom to avoid people.Easter will soon be here, after all. (Yep. I went there. Sorry!) Many of us may already be frenetically outlining the church communications calendars and assigning projects to the writers, designers, and social media managers.

The rush won’t stop any time soon, so we’re going to help you a) manage the chaos and b) take time to relax. The solution: Fishhook’s Church Communicator’s Coloring Calendar! It’s ah-mazing with the dry humor and insightful, yet hyperbolic, glimpses into our everyday lives.

Hiding out in the bathroom? Surprise announcements from the pulpit? Rogue websites? The Church Communicator’s Coloring Calendar covers them all and—wait for it—more. So, friends, grab your colored pencils or steal borrow some crayons from the preschool classroom and take a break from work with this oh, so fun calendar.

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Erin Feldman

Erin Feldman is a resident with The Austin Stone Institute at The Austin Stone Community Church. Her role as a resident is varied but includes writing, editing, illustration and design, and event planning. In the next few months, Erin will grow toward more vocal leadership roles, such as teaching and coaching writers, and will begin to work on her first novel. She volunteered with Creative Missions in 2016 and 2017 and serves as an assistant editor for Church Marketing Sucks.
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