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One Response to “The Email Marketing for Churches Episode”

  • Chris
    September 7, 2016

    Hey Dave, great episode with great tips here, I know I’ll be changing a few things I’ve been doing :S One thing I wonder (both in a church context and in a wider business context) is it okay to not have the highest click rates? By that I mean, people’s time and attention are valuable and as you said in the episode they probably have more urgent or important emails in their inbox. In some cases maybe it’s okay to have a lower click through rate and to **not** try to grab their attention as it isn’t the most important email. Maybe that then helps when we do have important news as people don’t just tune their ears out (kind of like the boy who cries wolf). On the other hand, I know that if you are always boring, people will either tune everything out or unsubscribe. Love to know your thoughts on this.

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