Free Social Media Images from

Free Social Media Images from

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We love it when we can share about endeavors our friends are undertaking that benefit you, our audience. The author of our book, Unwelcome: 50 Ways Churches Drive Away First-Time Visitors, Jonathan Malm, and the cover designer of Unwelcome, Joe Cavazos, have created a new resource called is a site that offers a new social media graphic you can use on your church’s social media channels every day. For $5 per month (prices go up in September, so lock in your price today), you can download the image of the day and an unlimited backdated number of their social media graphics.

They offer four sizes: two versions that are ideal for Instagram (one with text and one blank), as well as, two that are ideal for Facebook and Twitter.

My favorite thing with SundaySocial is their price structure and the quality of their images. I haven’t seen a single image of theirs that I don’t absolutely love. Joe Cavazos is a brilliant designer and he’s knocking it out of the park on this project. And, of course, Jonathan makes you feel very “welcome” as using the site is a breeze.

They even give you some suggested text you can use alongside the images. Combine that with the ability for “power users” to download images scheduled for future release so you can schedule your posts in advance, and you’ve got a powerful resource at your disposal.

Free Images for You

Jonathan and Joe have made a few images available to Church Marketing Sucks readers for you to check out the quality of their offering. Simply right-click to download these images, then jump over to and sign up today!

TheBlood_SQ_1080x1080 TheBlood_SQ_1080x1080_blnk TheBlood_H_1200x630 TheBlood_H_1200x630_blnk Thankful_SQ_1080x1080 Thankful_SQ_1080x1080_blnk Thankful_H_1200x630 Thankful_H_1200x630_blnk TakeHeart_SQ_1080x1080 TakeHeart_SQ_1080x1080_blnk TakeHeart_H_1200x630 TakeHeart_H_1200x630_blnk ISurrender_SQ_1080x1080 ISurrender_SQ_1080x1080_blnk ISurrender_H_BLNK ISurrender_H_1200x630 GodsCreativity_SQ_1080x1080 GodsCreativity_SQ_1080x1080_blnk GodsCreativity_H_1200x6300 GodsCreativity_H_1200x6300_blnk GodIsWithYou_SQ_1080x1080 GodIsWithYou_SQ_1080x1080_blnk GodIsWithYou_H_1200x630 GodIsWithYou_H_1200x630_blnk 7.02_SQ_1080x1080_blnk 7.02_H_1200x630 graphics

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  • Paul
    July 19, 2016

    Wow, great idea! Well implemented! Thanks for the heads up Chuck.

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