Easter Effort: Lilies & Lent

Easter Effort: Lilies & Lent

April 2, 2015 by

Jennifer Johnson is the director of communications for Sewickley Presbyterian Church in Sewickley, Penn.

What’s your favorite part about celebrating Easter at your church?

Each year our congregation is able to memorialize a loved one by donating an Easter lily to decorate the sanctuary. We list the loved ones names in our bulletin to make it extra special for everyone. I enjoy that tradition and how it ties in with the resurrection.

Share one cool way your church is spreading the word about Easter this year:

Social media around Easter time seems so much easier. Is that terrible to admit? Starting with the beginning of Lent we posted a daily ‘Journey through Lent’ that gave suggestions for changing the way you live life, such as “Fast from sarcasm” or “Let someone go ahead of you in line” or “Memorize Philippians 2:5.” There were a variety of suggestions throughout the past month and a half.

How do you keep your focus on the joy of Easter amid the stress of looming deadlines and long hours?

99% of what I do is in preparation for Easter, so fortunately by the time Holy Week starts my deadlines are past (thank goodness!). I usually try to stay positive, upbeat and listen to a lot of music on Pandora!

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Photo by Mars Hill Church Seattle.
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Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson is the director of communications for a large church in Western Pennsylvania. She enjoys spreading the knowledge of what she's learned and sharing experiences through successes and failures within her role as an advertiser, marketer, graphic designer, web designer and all around church communicator.
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