Photographer’s Toolkit by Jeremy Cowart

Photographer’s Toolkit by Jeremy Cowart

October 16, 2014 by
Photographer’s Toolkit by Jeremy Cowart

People often ask me what photography gear I use—cameras, lenses, software, etc. Let’s be honest. For us tech nerds, gear is great. It’s like toys for adults.

Luckily, there are some photographers out there who are much more talented than me who pull back the curtain on their gear and processes. Jeremy Cowart is one of those guys.

Jeremy starts with the same disclaimer I will give you: its not all about the gear. The skill behind the camera and the subject matter is what makes a compelling photo. OK, disclaimer over. Now on to the cool stuff.

Jeremy is very clear upfront that this is gear he uses himself. That is very important to me when I read reviews. I am not interested in an advertisement.

As far as gear lists go, Photographers Toolkit is the perfect balance between being concise enough for a beginner, but comprehensive enough for a learning pro like myself. You could buy everything on his list and be totally set. I would not suggest that. However, this toolkit is a great place to start.

For each gear listing, Jeremy gives a short description of how it is beneficial to him, a photo of the gear and a link to read more about it. He even includes an example photo he has taken with the specific lenses he is suggesting.

What About My Church?

So how does this toolkit stack up for the average needs of church photography? It includes a lot of studio gear that would probably not be necessary on a regular basis. Your budget may not like some of the suggestions, but sometimes it is often better to spend a little extra money on gear that performs better and lasts longer.

Ultimately, you will need to evaluate what your photography needs are and find gear that fits those needs. Guys like Jeremy Cowart make it a little easier and quicker to get the gear you need so you get shooting.


Photographers Toolkit is available for free on Noisetrade.

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