Church Marketing Lab: Spotlight

Church Marketing Lab: Spotlight

April 26, 2013 by

One of the things I love about the Church Marketing Lab is that everyone can get feedback on their compositions—from the novice to the long-time designer. I also enjoy the variety of styles in design that we see there. Here are a few recent posts I’d like to highlight:

This post by Megan Watson Design is a graphic for a series “Into the Depths.” The use of scale and geometric shapes does a great job of creating visual interest.

Into the Depths

I love the detail in the flames, the sky, and the lightning in this work by David Choate.


This series branding graphic, posted by Juliet Towner, is one of the better one I’ve seen around the idea of “apps.”

Life Apps

I am always a sucker for epic-style designs:

Unstoppable – breakthrough concept

Be sure to jump over to the Lab and share your designs and give some feedback to others!

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