Church Marketing Lab: Perfectly Imperfect

Church Marketing Lab: Perfectly Imperfect

July 27, 2012 by

I love it when churches use themed elements across various media to support a message. That’s exactly what Christ Church in Fairfax Station, Va., did with their recent series titled “Perfectly Imperfect.” Church Marketing Lab member, Emily Elgin, posted a few of the pieces…

Perfectly Imperfect

Above is an invite card for the series. Here is what Emily posted about the direction of the series:

The sermon series looked at 8 different “imperfect” biblical figures, and explored how God still uses and calls those we might see as imperfect. Emphasizing the idea that we don’t have to “have it all together” to be used and loved by God.

For this project, she says, “We labeled the people with the same topics for each week of the series. Week 1 was fearful Moses, etc.”

Below is a photo of the stage design, which implemented the similar theme:

Perfectly Imperfect set design

This is an excellent example of helping a guest (who might’ve received the invite card above) and attenders connect the dots about the essential message  that the church was trying to communicate.

Emily also mentioned,  “We still have all the materials, if any other church is interested in using any/all of the materials. You just need to pick them up—let me know!”

Jump over to the Lab and check out this and the other designs posted there. Also, be sure to add your voice to the conversation!

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  • Emily
    May 4, 2013

    Hey Chuck, I just now stumbled across this post. Thanks for the shout out and for all you do for the Lab — it’s the place to be!

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