Church Marketing Lab: A Member’s Perspective

Church Marketing Lab: A Member’s Perspective

December 14, 2012 by

I recently received an email from a member of the Church Marketing Lab that goes to the essence of why the Lab exists. I thought I would share it with you (with the sender’s permission):

I’m currently a full-time designer at a church in the Midwest and am blessed with a design team that allows a lot of feedback and collaboration. Before that I was part of a church in Los Angeles where you’re always surrounded by other artists. Between those I briefly worked for a church were I was not only the only designer but couldn’t find anyone in the congregation interested in the arts. Designing in a vacuum was draining and I quickly hit burn out.

I found the Marketing Lab soon after starting at my current post and while I now have a great community to bounce ideas off of and refine projects, I know there are a lot out there who are in situations like I previously found myself in. If I’d known about this Lab back then I wouldn’t have hit the wall so quickly. That’s why I visit these boards whenever I have a spare moment or two… I know it’s important.

Aside from the¬†phenomenal¬†feedback you can receive to improve your design elements, the Church Marketing Lab is a great way to experience community with other like-minded artists and church communications folks. I would encourage you to jump over to the Lab and join what’s going on there! If you have any questions or need help along the way, feel free to shoot me an email!

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