Engage Your Congregation with Visual Worship

Engage Your Congregation with Visual Worship

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Tell me about the main mission of TripleWide Media. There are obvious technical aspects, but what gets your blood pumping in the morning?

Our goal is to resource the church with the information and media needed to make environments. We’re really in the business of creating an experience for people. Which is really what makes us unique. There’s something powerful that happens when you bring visuals (effectively) into the church, people have the chance to engage with their creator in an amazing way.

I think the reason for this is that art is the language of the invisible, which means that art has a way of communicating something that words and music simply can’t. We’re in the business of fostering environments and fueling the “multi-screen movement” as our slogan says.

Of the churches you work with, what are they doing well? How do they visually communicate effectively?

It amazes me sometimes what some of the churches we work with do with the content we provide. They’re able to literally transform a space and I don’t mean in some super-high-philisophical way. They are digitally painting the walls of their sanctuary with vibrant color, imagery and beauty.

The ones who are doing it well are telling a story through pictures. Just like a song does when a worship leader plays, I’ve been able to see (through pictures and in real life) the spirit show up in a room with visuals painted all around and amazing things happen.

When a church connects with an audience, when they do it right, what are some of the results? Benefits?

It resonates with people! I think that creativity and furthermore, visuals, should evoke a feeling. We’re not in the business of goose-bumps, flashing lights, bright projectors and emulating a concert experience just to get people in the door. We are in the business of helping people tell the story of creation, grace, redemption, mercy, sacrifice or whatever through visuals; through art.

Further, what are the consequences of a church failing to connect visually with their congregation?

It just turns people away and that’s a downside. Just like a guitarist on Sunday morning who just wants to impress people with a killer guitar solo, our content can actually distract people. But what I find as I work with churches is that the ones that happens to are the ones who are doing it for the wrong purpose. Their heart isn’t in the right place.

What are you guys focusing on next?

Well we just got out of beta, which is an exciting thing and we just launched a whole bunch of new features, so you will want to check that out. Aside from that we’re going to continue to do exactly what we have always done. Giving people three sizes (triple wide, double wide and the regular single-wide) with every purchase. Never letting credits expire.

You can load up your account and never worry about it disappearing or losing it’s value. And making sure people have access to the media they purchase whenever they want by never letting their download links expire. It’s like having a cloud backup of all your media.

Do you have any special offers for our audience? How can they get in touch with you?

Our accounts are free to create and once you have an account you can download a few free pieces of media and see how easy it is to purchase media on our site! Just visit TripleWideMedia.com and click on the button that says “Free!” in the menu bar for more details.

If we can ever help someone, they are welcome to give us a shout.

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