CFCC Meetups Announced for 2011

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Think about the last conference you attended. What was the most significant part of the experience? The speakers? The content? The location? The people you met? The conversations you had? As many of us are discovering, many time the conversations that happen in the hallways of conferences are more important than the content being shared from the stage.

Conversations matter. Making connections with people who have shared interest or passions can lead to endless opportunities and life-long friendships. I know in my own life, I’ve been impacted by the conversations and relationships that were made in the hallways of conferences I’ve attended.

At the Center for Church Communication (CFCC) we are passionate about providing resources to help churches tell their stories more effectively. And in 2011 we are excited to announce CFCC Meetups, where we will have the chance to get to know some of the people behind-the-scenes at CFCC, Church Marketing Sucks and the Church Marketing Lab, and connect with other church communicators, designers, web geeks, and social media addicts.

The meetups will be held at various conferences and events throughout the year and if you happen to be attending one, come hang out with us and connect with other church communicators. And if you’re in town but not attending the event, come along anyway. The more the merrier!

Our first CFCC Meetup will be held during Catalyst West on Wednesday, March 2, from 5-7 p.m. Details here.

Here’s the schedule and links for all meetups:

More dates will be added throughout the year so stay tuned or join the CFCC Meetup Group for details. We look forward to meeting up with you soon!

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Tim Schraeder

Tim Schraeder is the director of communications at Park Community Church in downtown Chicago. With Tim’s lead, Park is innovating new and creative ways to communicate and engage people with the message of the gospel.
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