Rod Parsley’s Airplane: Lessons in Financial Communication

Rod Parsley’s Airplane: Lessons in Financial Communication

September 13, 2010 by
August 23, 2010 Breakthrough with Rod Parsley Letter

Click to view the three page letter from Rod Parsley.

The outsized personalities and budgets of megachurch pastors and TV evangelists draw a lot of criticism, some deserved and some not. Whether or not that spotlight is fair, it does give the average church on the corner the opportunity to learn best practices and avoid mistakes. The budgets and the headlines aren’t as big, but the impact on your congregation can be. Churches have a sordid history with money, so anything we can do to communicate better about finances is a big plus.

With that in mind we take a look at a recent fundraising letter from a prominent megachurch pastor and TV evangelist.

On August 23 Rod Parsley, pastor of World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio, and host of the TBN show “Breakthrough,” sent a letter to select group of Breakthrough donors asking for something big: $1 million to buy an airplane. He needed the money by Sept. 10 and built his argument around two main points:

  1. His ministry requires a plane to maximize Parsley’s time so he can continue to oversee 13 different ministries and spend time with his family. He notes that the ministry’s current plane has logged nearly half a million miles.
  2. The $1 million will allow the ministry to buy a used plane that’s smaller and more efficient, thus saving the ministry $5 million over two years.
August 23, 2010 Breakthrough with Rod Parsley response card

Click to view the response card.

Airplanes Aside
First and foremost, let’s get past the issue of whether or not a private airplane is appropriate for a ministry. Parsley maintains that it’s “Not a luxury. It’s a tool that keeps our ministry going.” Lots of folks will take issue with that, but that’s not our concern.

We want to focus on how this is communicated.

Secondly, let’s get past the issue of confronting someone privately. That’s a great ideal, but this isn’t about personally confronting Rod Parsley. It’s unlikely he’s going to listen to the opinion of some random bloggers he’s never heard of.

We’re more interested in the lessons his experience offers for local churches.

1. Secrecy Doesn’t Work.
Parsley knows that people don’t like the idea of a minister jetting around in a private airplane. So he kept this fundraising letter on the down low:

“The truth is, I can’t talk about this on television, or even in a letter to most of our Breakthrough partners.”

Uh, why not? Parsley’s gut told him this was a touchy issue and he should have listened. Either it’s a bad idea or you need to be careful about how you communicate it. Being secretive isn’t the solution. Because someone is bound to get a hold of that letter and post it online or find your online plea.

There are no secrets in the Internet age.

If your church needs money, you can’t just ask the sympathetic or the deep-pocketed in your congregation. If you need something people will disagree with or challenge, you don’t go behind their back. You make your case publicly and openly. If you have a strong case, people will listen.

2. Be Consistent
On one page Parsley tells his readers he can’t make this pitch on TV or to all of his supporters because “some folks misunderstand.” But then on the next page he says he can’t ignore this opportunity “simply because it might be uncomfortable to ask for your help or because someone might misunderstand why we need an aircraft in the first place.”

Which is it? Are you appealing to the trusted insider or are you a risk taker with a bold pitch? Because it can’t be both. Otherwise you’re doing some manipulative flip-flopping.

When a church lays out its financial need there has to be consistency. Your rationale needs to make sense and it certainly can’t contradict itself. Don’t claim to be boldly stepping out in faith when you’ve quietly secured half the funding already. Don’t claim that God will provide in one breath and then ask your congregation to provide in the next. Don’t claim a project is for the youth and then brush off their contribution.

The picture of Rod Parsley's children that hangs in Parsley's plane.

Click to view the picture of Rod Parsley's children.

3. Full Disclosure
Parsley tells us that he needs $1 million, but he doesn’t tell us how much the plane actually costs (is it $1 million or is his ministry putting up part of the cost already?). He also mentions $5 million in savings over two years. Savings on what? Decreased fuel costs? Profits from selling the old plane?

Parsley also makes time with his family an integral part of his pitch. He goes so far as to include a picture of his children that hangs in his plane. It’s a powerful pitch, but it’s not quite true. He admits that his kids aren’t as young as the decade-old picture, but he never says how old they are. The fact that they’re nearly adults changes things and not mentioning that detail is misleading.

Don’t leave people scratching their heads about the details. Give the full information so that nothing is misleading. Lay out your church’s entire budget, show the full bid from the construction company, show the terms of your loan from the bank. Don’t leave room for even the appearance of deception.

Tell your congregation everything they need to know.

4. Maybe There’s a Better Solution?
One thing that’s important when you’re asking for money is clearly explaining the need. Parsley does a good job of that, explaining that his ministry couldn’t continue without a plane:

“Without a plane, we would simply have to shut down some of our 13 ministry outreaches. There is literally not enough time on the clock to do everything.”

Threatening to shut down ministries may be a bit extreme, but if it’s true that’s a fair thing to put out there.

Unfortunately, this raises a bigger issue. Continuing the work of 13 ministries is important, but why can these ministries not continue without Parsley? Why can’t he delegate?

Maybe there’s a cheaper solution here—hire some help.

If you’re going to make a big ask—like $1 million—you have to be sure it’s a solid need. If people read your pitch and scratch their heads saying, “Well why don’t you do this instead?”, then you haven’t explained things fully. Your solution should clearly be the best idea out there.

People will come up with all kinds of excuses to avoid giving money, but you need to address the major ones. If you need to add more seating, you better explain why you’re not adding more services instead. If you’re hiring a new staff member, you better explain why volunteers don’t cut it. If you froze staff salaries, you better explain how you justify new flat screens for the lobby. Anticipate questions and show that you’ve thought this through.

What Have We Learned?
The church on the corner likely isn’t asking for $1 million to buy a plane, but the same lessons apply to any financial ask they have:

  1. Be open. Make your fundraising fully public. No secrets.
  2. Be consistent. Your rationale for your pitch better make sense.
  3. Be clear. Explain exactly what you need and why you need it. Don’t leave out facts in a way that can be misleading.
  4. Answer obvious questions. If there’s another solution to your problem you need to explain why your solution is better.

Above Reproach
Churches don’t have a stellar reputation when it comes to money, so you need to be open, honest and direct. Your pitch needs to assure people, not raise more questions.

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40 Responses to “Rod Parsley’s Airplane: Lessons in Financial Communication”

  • Steve
    September 13, 2010

    Great lessons and insights. Sometimes the big example helps clarify what application looks like on a smaller scale. Most ministries don’t ask their congregations for more money to buy planes (haven’t heard this one from the pulpit at my church recently). But the request for money is common enough (and Biblical, too). As you point out, churches have been shocking with money in the past, and we can’t afford to mis-communicate on this important topic.

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    September 13, 2010

    The truth is that some supposed ministers are causing more problems to the kingdom than imagined. With all the signs of the coming again of the Lord, the church is more concerned about the things of this world…God is NOT mocked.

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  • Sara
    September 13, 2010

    Excellent article.. good reminder to think things through and explain why your idea should fly.

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  • Shawn
    September 13, 2010

    This makes me sick and embarrassed. Obviously he has completely lost touch with the reality of those in which he is asking for money. The economy is bad and people are struggling and he has the nerve to ask for a plane. I do not care how much it will save in the long run. Use the plane you have a little while longer or, as suggest in the article, delegate or hire resources. This is bad on several levels. People like Rod Parsley live in a bubble and act like the world hasn’t changed. Instead of getting back to his roots as a fiery revivalist preacher that motivated thousands to pursue God with unrelenting passion he has resorted to being just another average, greedy televanglist that continues to come up with new gimmicks to milk people for money. Shameful. I encourage Rod Parsley to shut everything down and get back to his roots. Be a pastor that is needed in Columbus. Get off TV, it is destroying your eternal soul.

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    • A Revivalist
      December 15, 2010

      Hello! I just wanted to add to this particularly comment. You stated in this comment that “Pastor Parsley was needed to be a pastor in Ohio and to get off television.” Let me just stop you right their my friend. God called Pastor Rod Parsley to minister on television and also around the world. It’s not up to you or even your oppinion about what is needed for this ministry to continue to preach the precious gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. Like Pastor Parsley put it in the letter… “An air plane is just a tool needed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” It’s very expensive for major mega ministries to preach the gospel especially around the world. Pastor Parsley sacrifices so much for what he does. And I BELIEVE that whatever his needs might be even THIS ONE that it will be met. GOD will meet this important need… why? because he never forsakes his children. GOD will meet pastor Parsley’s need. It doesn’t matter how it is met whether it is by people who are willing to help for the sake of the Gospel or how ever. But i can guarantee that everything that is thrown against my pastor.. it just slides off and he continues to do what he does best which is preaching the gospel in every way possible no matter the cost.

      And secondly, no one JUDGES his soul but GOD! And here’s another biblical response… “WHAT GOD MADE NO MAN CAN BRAKE.” God built this ministry for this purpose just as he built this special man, Pastor Parsley to do what he does. NO ONE will ever touch this anointed man of GOD. And that is a fact. SO I TAKE A STAND AGAINST YOU TO SAY GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF HIM AND YOU ALONG WITH OTHER PEOPLE HAVE NO SAY ON HOW THIS WILL TURN OUT… BUT IT WILL TURN OUT TWICE AS GOOD BECAUSE GOD ALREADY STATES IT!

      – Brennen Diaz ….. 19 yrs old.
      San Antonio, TX

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  • Fritz Scanlan
    September 13, 2010

    Wow, this is very well communicated on your part as “some random blogger,” mighty compelling enough for me. This article has really jolted some concerns in me for our brethren, who are doing God’s work, but are being caught either being ignorant of well thought out plans, or just not caring enough about the bigger picture and long term ramifications.

    Thanks for sharing this important lesson, it is a blessing to all of us. It may be hurtful right now, but I believe it can set us free! (Da’Truth shall set you free.)

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  • Jacob
    September 13, 2010

    Thank you for this powerful enlightening! Truly, shining a light on such deeds can only yield a bountiful harvest.

    I seem to remember reading something at the end of last year regarding Pastor Parsley needing $3M (to replace what the devil had taken). And now this? Is Breakthrough in trouble? Is this a pattern? Can someone help me to understand…?

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  • Tim M
    September 13, 2010

    I found myself thinking exactly your last statement – why not delegate?

    I think communications like this are formatted as they are for one reason: they’re poor, self-centered decisions that don’t hold up to scrutiny. This goes just as well for smaller church budgeting decisions (most easily stated: someone has an agenda).

    By the way, his children aren’t “nearly adults”.. they have been for a couple years now (19 & 21 yrs old).

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  • Ryan Gear
    September 13, 2010

    Way to find diamonds in a dunghill.:) I live in Columbus, about a 20 minute drive from Rod Parsley’s church. He communicates effectively. Unfortunately, what he communicates is typical televangelist talk.

    I like your ability to find transferable principles of openness, clarity, and consistency in his letter, but most people I know laugh at the mention of his name because of his lack of these qualities.

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    • Curtis Franklin
      November 10, 2010

      I moved here and attend Valor Christian College (a very effective spiritual leadership college).
      Pastor Rod Parsley has recently won over 300 lost souls to Jesus with the Gospel. He plans on traveling around the country to train church leaders and to build effective evangelism. It’s sad that people can’t be mature enough to know that worldwide ministries require money, jets, television, etc. We sit on our asses and watch Lady Gaga, American Idol, and a bunch other crap as they fly around the country spreading crap to our teens but when a man that walks in ministry wants to move forward and win souls, we freak and act like pansies. Grow up! Let God be the judge!

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      • Montae
        June 13, 2011

        Did Pastor Rod Parsley teach you to use that kind of language in his school??? I’m confused. I thought we were supposed to be in the world but not of the world.

        The concern is not that fact that he is reaching people for Christ, we have not doubt that his ministry has been effective. The concern is the way he chose to communicate this information and also if there was a better solution than pulling $1 millon from the pockets of the people of God.

        I can justify asking for a $1 millon to help support 13 new pastors and their families who will be appointed to minister in those church plants.

        The $5 million he states will be saved with the new plane can be used to assist 65 or more pastors and families all of the world. He could start new church plants and extend the reach of the Gospel. Not only that but he’s leaving a greater legacy. One can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand what do you think will happen if there were 13 or 65 or 78 people promoting the Gospel in addition to Pastor Rod Parsley. The results would be mind blowing.

        It’s about using wisdom and being a good steward over what God has placed in his hands. I’m not against Pastors having privileges, a laborer is worth their hire. But we are not celebrities, we are servants of the King.

        The lessons presented in this blog are very useful in the development of local church. I do not see it as a direct target towards Pastor Rod Parsley…I see it as iron sharpening iron. If I see my brother or sister in error or making poor decisions, or even see a way to inspire them to make the right decisions, it’s my responsibility to present them with the truth so that they may come to repentance and/or grow.

        Great Post!

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  • Eric Frisch
    September 13, 2010

    “Unfortunately, this raises a bigger issue. Continuing the work of 13 ministries is important, but why can these ministries not continue without Parsley? Why can’t he delegate?”

    This is the biggest issue I have with this letter. As a resident of Columbus, I hear quite a bit about Rod Parsley and World Harvest, and one thing that is abundantly clear is that Parsley runs the church. Period. No other staff listed on the website, etc. The church has been questioned in the past on their financial practices, and Parsley’s site has a large section justifying their fiscal responsibility. Late last year he issued a plea to the congregation to give $3 million by December 31 to offset a “demonic financial attach” (the church had recently settled a child abuse claim against their daycare for $3.1 million). Easy to see why asking for $1 million for an airplane is a touchy subject.

    I agree about all of your points as far as the communication side of this is concerned, but putting it into a little context is helpful as well to understand why this letter is a little shady…

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    • Kevin D. Hendricks
      September 13, 2010

      Eric, I didn’t include more about Parsley’s past financial activities because I felt this letter stood on its own as having plenty of negative examples. Again the point wasn’t to expose Parsley, it was to find some illustrative examples for local churches. I found plenty of those in this one letter. Though you’re right, his past activities make the need for direct and clear communication all the more important.

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      • Mo
        July 9, 2014

        You exactly did expose Parsley. Don’t try to cover up what you just said. You are the same as whats in this article, “Again, the point wasnt to expose Parsley, it was to find some illustrative examples for local churches” and you did exactly that. lol What another hater and hypocrite. People these days. sigh.

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  • Josh McCarnan
    September 14, 2010

    Excellent and challenging article. I appreciate your grace in evaluating the letter and the points you drew out for all fo us to work on.

    What’s freaky-scary to me is that this isn’t “Bob’s Auto Shop” trying to get more customers, this is a pastor and a church! Scriptures say that teachers are held to higher standard, and the issues that are wrong with this appeal letter are simply fruits from some seemingly jacked-up roots.

    I am not judging Rod or the ministry, but God does call us to be discerning (which is your article). We should ask God to give Rod grace to see the problems in the roots and that will product good fruit (and better communication pieces).

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  • Ted
    September 14, 2010

    I’ve got two words for Parsley: Video Conferencing.
    No private jet. No begging for $1M. And they already have it.

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  • Marc Aune
    September 14, 2010

    @Kevin: You’re spot-on. The extra information supplied by commenters supports your line of questioning, but certainly Parsley’s letter stands on its own as a lesson in how not to communicate your ministry’s need.

    My take: If prayerful consideration and thorough analysis has led you to the conclusion that your ministry truly needs a (expensive item perceived as a luxury), then it needs a (expensive item perceived as a luxury). If you feel the need to hide it or really soften the blow, that should be a red flag to cause you to reconsider.

    If you’re convinced of the need, but it’s an issue that needs to be communicated delicately (an airplane probably fits into this category), just get it all out there and go to work to “sell” your need to the congregation. Communicate the expected results. Whose lives, exactly, will be affected? Homeless? Widows? Orphans? Middle-class families? Whoever it is, you should communicate it through multimedia and show people the need. Let them decide if it’s worthwhile. Not all of them will, but many might if you are clear and the need is evident.

    Of course, if you cannot answer a question as basic as “who is your target audience?”, then you probably have larger issues to address than buying an airplane.

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  • Marc Aune
    September 14, 2010

    Other eyebrow-raising on Parsley’s website: On the Kenya Aid page, the text reads: “Your compassionate gift of $46 right now can help ensure that a child has nourishing food to eat… You’ll also be helping continue to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through our Breakthrough television broadcast.”

    Does this mean that not all of my $46 is going to the child in Kenya because some of it is going to the TV show? What’s the split? Come on, be transparent!

    At best, this ministry is incredibly poor at communication. At worst, well, I hate to think of the possibilities of how corrupt it could be.

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  • Paul Loyless
    September 15, 2010

    Christ had a private chariot and luxury yacht as did all of the apostles. So too should Parsley have this technology for the sake of the Gospel. Amen? Not so much…

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  • Phil Morgan
    September 15, 2010

    I agree with the sentiments already expressed about finding other solutions – video conference, raise up other leaders, and just generally stop thinking the sun rises and sets because of your personal presence.

    Having said that, I don’t believe the facts of the request anyway. Here’s why. JUST DO THE MATH. If the facts are really as he states them, then he has no need to send this request letter at all …

    $1 million to buy a new plane = $5 million actual saving over 2 years? OK, so just finance the new purchase. Let’s assume a loan at 15% per annum (which would be the high end), and we won’t even amortize the loan over time. The maximum cost in interest would be $300,000 over the 2 years. But he’s saving $5 million. It’s a simple business decision. And don’t tell me this ministry doesn’t have the kind of financial advisors to figure this one out.

    Doesn’t add up.


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  • Shawn
    September 16, 2010

    Would anyone expect anything less from Mr. Rod? Maybe not to this extreme but many churches put so much time and money on building the church as an organization and building and miss the point of building the actual church which is its people. Francis Chan spoke on the need for his church building to expand in California but while the need seemed to be there he said that he did not feel that it was appropriate to put so much time and energy in a church building and neglect the needs of the community. So the church came up with a new facility that would save money and put more energy and money into ministries that serve the community.

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  • Blind Nolonger
    October 6, 2010

    NEVER once have I seen an “appeal” for financial help to avoid laying off the staff who help him do the work of 13 ministries. The 13 ministries are all based in Columbus, Ohio and his travel schedule isn’t nearly where it was in years past so why the need for a newer faster Jet. This Jet would be the ministry’s 3rd or 4th that I know of. I can even understand traveling First Class on a commercial liner like many other Pastors in Mega ministry but that would be beneath WHC. Maybe they should consider getting back to the “Roots” of the Gospel and Sound Doctrine that made the Ministry strong in years past. Maybe there is a shift taking place in the Body of Christ where we are becoming more God dependent and less man dependent and as a result have become more discerning. Maybe God Himself in his sovereignty has chosen to turn off the faucet in many of these ministries that have lost their way and become SELF centered and SELF focused. As another person stated in their comments above, the ministry’s website mentions or acknowledges no other staff members or volunteers. It’s all about PRP! Maybe they should consider discontinuing the NBCAA basketball program. I’m sure that the savings from the cost of that operation will save a pretty penny. It’s disappointing to see any ministry send out a double message. On one hand they’re laying off staff, but at the same time quietly appealing for funds to buy another plane. Why has there never been an appeal for help to keep staff on board to “keep the 13 ministries going strong”? PRP has this base covered. Staff are often told by PRP, that PRP is not their source and that God is. This justifies any decision made to downsize at the most questionable time. There is no reluctance to pull the trigger on staff, even during the Holiday season. What disappoints me the most is the deceptive manipulative practice of using a photo of his “children” with the caption “Please come home to us soon” in the plea for funds for the jet. After all, we don’t want to see the hearts of those poor little children broken because daddy couldn’t get home fast enough, do we? The problem is that his “children” are 21 and 19 and the oldest does not live at home. It’s so amazing how some of these mega pastors love to brag about their toys and how “good God has been” to them. But as soon as the media or IRS begin to “snoop” they are quick to turn the table and say that the things are not theirs personally but “belong to the ministry”. The underlining problem in most mega ministries is the teaching and belief among leadership that the SHEEPLE (flock) cannot hear God for themselves. This poisonous teaching is destructive because it systematically shifts the believer’s dependency from Jesus Christ to man. This teaching is also accompanied by an extreme view of the “Spiritual Authority” and “Covering” teachings. Over time the believer finds himself confused, without the presence of God and under the complete control of their “Spiritual Authority”. They refuse to acknowledge the possibility that they have fallen victim to false teaching. Almost every major decision in life must be placed before the “Spiritual Authority” to be “sure and know” if it’s God’s will. Instead of relying upon the Holy Spirit to move on the hearts of men and direct their giving, Marketing Experts and Ghost Appeal Writers are used. It is sad!

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  • David Bunce
    October 10, 2010

    Personally, I think the whole issue of money and how to communicate it just sums up the deep unease I have with any form of top-heavy leadership with little accountability. That doesn’t just go for PRP but any church stream with a church board and no other real systems of accountability or ways of a congregation ensuring a pastor’s integrity.

    Being a Baptist, I live in a stream of church where any significant spending (so greater than say £2000) would have to be approved by the church leaders – and then have to be approved by the whole congregation in a church meeting. Why? Because we understand that the Holy Spirit works through the corporate body discerning the will of God and that power is too dangerous and tempting to entrust into one or two people without significant forms of accountability.

    So yeh. My take – it’s not so much a failure of communication as a lack of accountability that is fundamentally the case in any situation where one person or a small group of people have all the decision making power.

    So the solution is not to communicate better (though it is) but to relearn a gospel understanding of what power is and what power looks like done God’s way (contrast the Lion of Judah with the Lamb who was slain – power done God’s way is weak in the eyes of the world).

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  • Dave Reed
    October 15, 2010

    The business jet is truly a time machine and according to Warren Buffet his 737 business jet would be the last thing he would get rid of, it is just that important to his business. There are many reasons that the Church would benefit by having one of these time machines so that key people and high profile Christian leaders with heavy travel and can make timely arrivals. They can come and go when they want and land where they need, not where the airlines dictate. However there are many Christian org. that don’t dare to buy that jet for fear of what people will say. They don’t want to present the appearance of misuse of money although smart people know that this is the way to maximize the use of your key people. Maybe we should look to the fruits of the operation and not the vehicle to accomplish the results.

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  • The Rock
    October 16, 2010

    Three people are standing before the judgment seat of God. Each are about to have there lives judged.

    One was a televangelist who raised $300 million in his life time. Now to raise the $300 million, he asked constantly for money so much so that he got a reputation for being greedy. He used tactics like, prayer shawls, Jordan River water, anointing oil, sow a seed for a need, and was seen regularly on Christian television asking for money. During his life time bought a $1 million house, flew around in a private jet, wore a Rolex and had documented over 600,000 salvation decisions at a lifetime expense of $500 per saved soul.

    The second person was Protestant minister who never asked for money. Lived modestly. Never made $100,000 a year. He was respected and loved by thousands and was a living example of integrity, humility and purity. But, he never rocked the boat because he did not like conflict and he wanted to be liked and as such he never preached on hell or sin. He served a church with a $2 million annual budget and averaged about 50 professions of faith (salvations) a year at an expense of $40,000 a saved soul.

    The third was a religious media marketing professional who, for the first guy (and many like him), wrote the prayer shawl letters, produced the seed faith television, wrote the fundraising television scripts and directed the anointed oil fulfillment events and charges millions of dollars a year to do it. Then, he marketed his experience with the first guy (and many like him) as the reason other televangelists should hire him and pay him so much money. Then goes to the internet, as well as religious and secular media and criticizes the very people he charged millions of dollars for the very work he produced.

    On judgment day which one would you rather be? The Egotist? The Coward? The whore?

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  • Curtis Franklin
    November 10, 2010

    Pastor Rod has true passion to win souls. Grow up please! People sit around and drool over celebs spreading garbage to our children but when a man of God wants to effectively travel to train leaders and win souls we act like brats.

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    • walterrean
      September 23, 2016

      Right on brother.

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  • Robman Photography
    December 15, 2010

    I agree 100 percent of what Brennen Diaz put on this article. God called Pastor Parsley for a time such as this. and God will make a way for this ministry. Amen all the way Brennen :)

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    • Walterrean salley
      September 23, 2016

      I don’t see a problem with having an $800,000 home with five bedrooms for a four-member family, especially when he has been so faithful to the ministry. I’ve seen lots worse.

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  • Rosemary
    July 9, 2011

    I have a question for all of those who seem to know how God’s money should be used.

    #1 Which one of you have gone to great length to see to it that Slaves in Sudan have been set free? The ministry of World harvest Church under Pastor Rod Parsley!

    #2 Which one of you have laid hands on the sick and set the captive free? the ministry of World Harvest Church under Pastor Rod Parsley!

    #3 Which one of you have left their spouse and children for another woman leaving them destitute, no money to pay their bills and no food? Guess who paid it for them? The ministry of World harvest church under Pastor Rod Parsley.

    #4 Which one of you are an employed staff member since you seem to know so much about the ministry, or call your selves a Christian, but you believe the lies of the media. If you are a friend of the world, you are an enemy to God!
    God’s word says, ” touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” I pray that your eyes will open up and you will repent. Because hell is real and there is a Heaven to gain.

    #5 The person who made a comment about the $3 mil. only knows what lies that are being told by the slanted media. If I don’t know thing first hand about a situation, I always consider it wise to keep my mouth shut. It’s like David’s men going to Goliath camp, a enemy of God, to find out what’s going on in Gods neck of the woods!

    #6 How many of you visit and pray the sick, not just over the phone. But go visit them in the hospital even when they are not members of your church? World Harvest does under Pastor Rod Parsley. They visit family members of mine who are not members, minister to them. I’ve seen notable miracle after miracle.

    #7 When Katrina disaster happened which one of you, rushed truck loads of food and survival needs? My Brother, who a truck driver and a freelance photographer, guess who he said he saw? World Harvest Church under Pastor Rod Parsley. Where were you? Probably blogging and pointing the finger at God’s people.
    Maybe if you put away the pointing of the finger your problems would go away and you could see more clearly and have some joy and your healing would spring forth speedily. You ought to read Isaiah 58 It would do you some good.

    #8 The word of God tells us to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, not someone else. I feel sorry for people like you who spend their time, writing articles, spewing unconfirmed lies about Preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and those who fall for it. You are always saying things like judge not, but you judge. Therefore you will be judged.

    God knows how to take care of his own, God will confirm his word in the life of World Harvest Church and Pastor Rod Parsley. God’s ways are not are ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts , so you need to keep your lies to yourself and repent.

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    • TheTruth
      May 30, 2012

      #1 No one said Rod parsley hasn’t done anything good ever but the work he does with bridge of hope is a small part of the larger ministry. The reason behind the plane is twisted and a lie, I know people who are very close to him who know him best who have said he just hates flying on normal airlines. Joel Osteen who has a bigger Church and a bigger TV ministry. He still flies on a normal plane why can’t old PRP?

      #2 I word to the wise on scripture it had nothing to do with Rod parsley laying hands on them their faith healed them. Do you believe that they could have been healed whether or not PRP had anything to do with it?

      #3 Actually the pastoral staff goes to them PRP does not.

      #4 I am a staff member so I know everything these people think is true… You know for a fact that I could never give my name on here or i would be fired!. PRP once said in a all staff meeting about his staff that there’s “uses” and “themes” dividing his staff. I remember the day they cut the entire staff (what was left after the months of layoffs) pay with no mention as to when they might see their pay returned. Many people taking on twice the responsibilities with have the pay when they were not making much in the first place, Many of them single mothers! I also remember him not even having the guts to come in front of us and tell us to our face he was cutting our pay! I also remember (after jumping to our feet as soon as his mother enters the room like she’s a general in the WHC army) her telling us how she understands that the economy is hurting all of us, going on to tell us how her other home in California is worth about half of what it once was…

      #5 I think that’s the whole point of the article, there is NO transparency within WHC and when people form an opinion, you get upset that “They don’t know the truth”

      #6 PRP doesn’t go…The miracles have nothing to do with PRP…

      #7 Here is the big thing WHCers don’t understand, they think PRP is the only pastor doing any good in the world and that no other church gives. To be honest there are churches that give WAY more then WHC… When is the last thing Metro Harvest did?? Metro Harvest is WHC’s local outreach for Columbus that hasn’t done much for the community. “Maybe if you put away the pointing of the finger” you realize PRP has made a living “Pointing the Finger” all three of his book talk about the exact same thing… Whats wrong with the would and how unrighteous it is. Remember the word said your righteousness is like dirty rags…

      #8 The difference is we need to keep the “Leaders” of the faith accountable and the truth is PRP isn’t accountable and he knows it. He does whatever he wants and make whatever decision about the ministry he wants. No one is aloud to give him any advice that contradicts what he wants to hear. He is the most egotistical man I’ve ever met. People always say how many people he has brought to Christ (by fear not love) but have you ever stopped to think about how many people he has pushed away from Christ or has never wanted to come to church because they all think we are just like him? I’d say he’s done more harm then good.

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    • c catado
      September 19, 2015

      My sentiments , exzactly…

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  • alex
    December 2, 2011

    Here is a simple answer. If you have this great anointing as you claim that you can heal the sick, why not go to the Childrens Hospital in the middle of the night and heal someone?

    Instead you want to hold a conference where they have to come to you??

    If you want to feed more people, why not fly on Southwest instead of your private Jet , wouldn’t you now have an extra $1 Million Dollars to feed the poor?

    Amazing that people can’t see the simple truth.

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  • dave
    December 9, 2011

    This bloke is a joker. Every time I every see him he just talks about how you are going to get saved if you give him $100 , and nothing else. Really – everything is centred on you giving him your dosh. I can see why he needs it, a lot of children are starving to death so I can understand that instead of saving 50000 of them he needs to be a jet instead. In the UK we have a good term for people like this – a complete and utter tosser.

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  • 2Ultra Christianity
    November 13, 2012

    Excellent and informative post. And a great lesson. After reading your post I went through the comments, WOW! I think that if Pastor Parsley, would have hired a professional copy writer he might get his little jet by the end of the week. The fact is he didn’t and he won’t. It might take a few more weeks or months before he get the jet.
    Unless he already has it and isn’t telling anyone like his partners.
    I have nothing against Rod Parsley. I watch him with excitement back in the 90’s. By 2000, I had a different opinion of him and quite watching his program.
    Same thing with Kenneth Copeland. (Have you seen his house?)

    I think the good Pastor would be wise to trade the old one in and try to gather the rest from his church and his partners. You can’t lose by being upfront and honest. But if your dishonest, eventually it will be brought to light. This is almost the same argument you can have with a Mormon when it comes to what goes on in the temple. Is it sacred or is it really a secret?
    Thanks for allowing me to add my two cents worth.

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  • Scotty
    May 27, 2015

    We as believers should think carefully about supporting ministries that are not local to us.
    It is sometimes difficult to see or experience the affects of a local ministry,yet alone a distant one.
    We have many in this country that need a hand out and hands up to keep megaministries involved in an effective way. Caution and prayer to giving to distant ministries.

    Admonishing us to first be charitable at home and then let the Lord lead us in distant giving.

    The same God is available to you at your local church and will show us how to help there first. AMEN!

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  • Joel camp
    August 17, 2015

    Well I’m the type of person that likes to see other people succeed I try not to be judgmental if having a jet makes his life better I’m for it the gospel is important more people need to hear the good news God will judge us all pastor Parsley was a big part of my life bringing me to Christ teaching me I hardly think I should bite the hand that feeds you

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  • Anthony
    September 15, 2015

    The only person Parsley is feeding is himself. Jude 1:12

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  • c catado
    September 18, 2015

    is this article about church marketing? or criticism… I am confused

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  • c catado
    September 18, 2015

    How do you fly on Southwest and take a million dollars worth of food on board in one carry on and one stow away to feed 500.000 ppl?

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