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2009_11_24_paperelectronicpollresults.jpgIn some places, the church bulletin has already died. And we first discussed the electronic replacement of the bulletin four years ago. But we were curious how our readers respond to paper bulletins versus electronic versions. And the results were fairly evenly distributed.

The biggest chunk of you are double-dipping. You read the e-mail newsletter and the paper bulletin. A Sunday school gold star goes out to those 31% of you.

28% of you just do the digital version. It’s more convenient, easier to file, more cost-friendly and more earth-friendly, so you just go that route.

The next biggest group? The honest rude other ones of you. These 24% of you are taking both, and you’re sending them straight to the trash. If you want news, you’ll get it from the grapevine, thank you very much.

And finally, 16% of you are just in love with the paper bulletin. It certainly still has its advantages, and this chunk of our readers are taking a stand against the digital revolution in favor of some good, old-fashioned paper. Here’s to you, paper-bulletin-reader.

This week, it’s time to get funny. We’ve got a few hilarious, real church names, and we want to know: Which is your favorite funny church name?

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