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2009_11_05_CoventGarden.jpgThe Covent Garden district in London traces its roots back to Roman times. For most of its history, Covent Garden has been a cultural center including shopping, dining and the arts. In the 1960s and 70s, the Greater London Council wanted to flatten and rebuild the district because it had become impractical for modern life. At first, it seemed the plan would happen until residents of the district came to their senses and began to seek historical classification for many of the buildings, ultimately thwarting the plan to raze and rebuild. Familiarity had caused residents to lose site of the sacred story that is Covent Garden.

Misplaced familiarity also plays out in 1 Samuel with Eli’s wicked sons Hophni and Phineas. Their despicable disregard for the sacred story they had witnessed in their father’s life ultimately cost them their lives. I don’t ever want to get too familiar with the Story! Luke 7 tells about the centurion’s sick servant and the widow of Nain’s dead son. When the servant was healed and the son was raised from the dead, both the centurion and the widow were amazed, as were the people who witnessed both miracles. In my opinion, grandmas are the only people who will tolerate listening to a storyteller who has lost their passion and curiosity for the story.

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