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A sad reality is that 97% of evangelical Christians will die without ever sharing their faith (Which calls the term “evangelical” into question, eh?), so on Sunday, Outreach, Inc. tried to organize Back to Church Sunday. Essentially, it was a newly-created church holiday to invite all of your friends to church to bolster attendance and get people “back to church.”

If you missed it, you should invite your friends next September. But those of you currently in churches as well as your new church-going friends can now participate in National Faith in Action Day! It’s a newly-created church holiday on Oct. 11 to invite all of your friends in church to put their faith into action.

All kidding aside, an initiative like this is great. It’s churches working together to solve problems in their communities and show people the love of Christ.

Here’s what their site has to say:

A church reaching out to its neighbors can have a transformational and lasting impact. Examples of this abound throughout the country as churches choose to not just go to church, but instead be the church. If one church can make a substantial difference, imagine the possibilities if multiple churches worked together for the benefit of the community! The resources and potential found in the Church is immeasurable—certainly greater than the sum of our parts—if only we are willing to join one another in service as the body of Christ.

It’s a great idea, and apparently this whole, “Make a holiday for this idea” trend is working out well, because people keep organizing more iterations of it. So here’s to great causes and sweet new holidays.

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2 Responses to “Faith in Action Day”

  • nick w
    September 19, 2009

    What is the source of the 97%? On what basis is it presented as fact?

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  • Evangelism Ideas and Outreach
    December 11, 2009

    I think it is strange we have to invent a holiday to get people to church. But then again it makes sense. We all have to find something to celebrate. I know some people celebrate every holiday on the books… even ones that do not apply to them. I guess whatever works for evangelism.

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