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2009_05_26_searchforchurchpollresults.jpgSome hear “SEO” and adrenaline starts pumping, veins pulse and palms sweat in excitement as you dream of rising to Google’s top result. More of you probably hear “SEO” and think “huh?”

For you, Wikipedia is a great start.

But you know the poll drill–we wanted to know how our readers’ churches handle SEO. And the results were split pretty evenly.

By a slight margin, with just over a quarter of you, those of you who have talked about it but taken no action are in the lead. It’s time to get with it and do what you can to make your church easier to find online.

Then, neck-and-neck are the quarter of folks who are prioritizing search engines and the other quarter who haven’t thought of search engines. Maybe these two groups should get together for some sort of search engine pow-wow.

Nearly 20% of you declared that you only worry about it if by “search engine” you mean “Sunday morning automobile.” Undoubtedly, some of you were joking, but this is indicative of a wider problem. There are still a ton of churches who aren’t doing what it takes to reach their communities.

This week, we’re wondering: How do you follow-up with first-timers to be sticky and close the back door?

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  • Preschool
    March 17, 2010

    It takes a LOT of work, and there are thousands of articles with contradictory suggestions. My first suggestion, is not spend any money on it, start building some links by replying to blogs and making sure your on google maps. It is a long process, so expect gradual results.
    Great site by the way, I’ve been coming here for years.

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