2009’s Marketing Trends that Matter to Your Church

February 6, 2009 by

The always-insightful Kem Meyer recently discussed nine marketing trends for 2009 (originally at Adverblog). She framed them in the context of churches and how these nine issues create a perfect storm of opportunity, and she’s spot on. Check out a couple of these:

Trust economy. In turbulent times we look to organizations who share our concerns, manage anxiety and take the lead.

New realism. Economic conditions will profoundly affect our context going forward. The speculative affluence era will be replaced with a grounded and socially creative phase. Our culture will become more tangible and honest forcing us to be much more realistic. The human story will be one of value reassessment; examining our priorities and purchases in light of what is truly meaningful to us.

There’s more at Kem’s blog or at the original article. If you’re involved in your church’s marketing, don’t miss out on this.

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