Church Marketing Lab: Thanks to our Moderators

January 16, 2009 by

These days, the Church Marketing Lab is still gaining momentum. We’re at over 7,000 pieces of work, and the community is thriving like never before. One of the big reasons for this is a new round of moderators. These are the folks who make sure each piece gets feedback, discussions stay focused and peaceful, and that people don’t abuse the community. It’s a huge task, and their payment is just how great they feel doing it, and the occasional thanks from us. So new.perspectives, courtenay, DanielleSuzanne, @muntz, David Choate, *cameron* and @professr, huge thanks go out to you.

Here are a couple pieces made possible by our moderators that will give you an idea of the types of things that pass through the Church Marketing Lab:

Once Upon a Time is a series idea from Song of Songs.

This is the graphic direction for 6 Degrees of Separation, an upcoming series.

If you aren’t yet involved in the Church Marketing Lab, go on in, the water’s warm, and the folks are friendly!

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