100 Idea Starters From Outreach Magazine

October 7, 2008 by

Outreach MagazineThe latest issue of Outreach magazine has a 10-page feature with 100 outreach ideas for any church and size. I would link to the feature, but alas, our Outreach friends apparently don’t believe in putting content online. Huh?

So If you see a copy on a friend’s desk, it’s worth browsing through some of the ideas. From rain gutter cleanup to passing out bags of popcorn when people exit your local video rental store (do people still rent videos by driving somewhere?), the list is packed with simple ideas for serving people. It’s not flashy marketing or hype-filled hilarity, just kind ways to extend community and Kingdom to the people right in front of you.

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Brad Abare

Brad Abare is the founder of the Center for Church Communication. He consults with companies and organizations, helping them figure out why in the world they exist, why anyone should care and what to do about it.
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4 Responses to “100 Idea Starters From Outreach Magazine”

  • Wayne
    October 7, 2008

    Surely someone could find a way to make the article available online?

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  • Brandon
    October 7, 2008

    Outreach has made it available online…
    … for $5.

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  • Jesus ???
    October 7, 2008

    Not worth $5….isn’t a resource like that supposed to be about Jesus, not making $?

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  • Fix your website
    October 7, 2008

    Your site doesn’t work well with IE…..it gets very confused.

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