Churches Create Gas Company

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Some churches in Germany have gas. And they’re looking to compete with local companies to help the community deal with sky-high energy prices. Here’s what the chairman of the society of churches had to say:

“At first we want to concentrate on supplying gas to our parishes and to charitable and social organizations here in Baden-Wuerttemberg. If that works out well, we’ll be glad to welcome others from outside who will increase our purchasing capacity.”

So how do they do it? They simply work with gas suppliers and cut out the middle man to provide cheaper gas. They’re in this for charity, not for windfall profits.

I guess 10% off your gas bill is a good incentive for church membership, but going head-to-head with local business might be a bit foolish. I don’t know whether to call genius or foolery on this one, but I wouldn’t be too upset if a local church could give me a good deal on gasoline. (link via Monday Morning Insight)

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