Church Marketing Directory: From Copyright to Stage Design

Church Marketing Directory: From Copyright to Stage Design

June 18, 2010 by

The Church Marketing Directory is now the proud home to nearly 400 companies, organizations and resources that are dedicated to helping the church communicate better. For those of you who didn’t know, there are two ways to use the directory:

  • For churches: Need someone to do some copywriting? Advise you on your marketing strategy? Help create baptism videos? Need a source for media files? Check the directory.
  • For individuals and companies: Do you specialize in helping churches communicate? Are you an expert in the needs of the local church? Or know a company, tool or resource that does? Then go ahead and suggest a link.

Wondering what types of resources we have listed already? Here are some of the most recent listings we’ve seen:

  • Christian Copyright Solutions is a┬áProvider of copyright licenses and services for performances, webcasting, CDs, DVDs, print and more.
  • CopyrightCommunity provides news and education on copyright issues facing the Christian community,
  • Church Gravity is an organization that is designed to assist/coach/advise church boards, leaders, and staff how to make marketing and management decisions.
  • Church Stage Design Ideas gives inspiration to small and large churches to create great stage designs and worship environments.

If you have a resource, tool or company you love, then suggest them for the Church Marketing Directory. The process is quick, but it can help the church in a big way.

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