Death to the Church Bulletin

August 7, 2008 by

Tim Schraeder writes “June 22 was a sad day at Park Community Church, we lost a dearly beloved friend … our weekly program.”

The choice might not fit every church to throw out the bulletin, but the exercise they went through to come up with the decision would be good for any church. Often we do things for one simple reason—that’s what we’ve always done. By taking a closer look at the people that make up Park Community Church and the pros and cons of the bulletin, the team at Park realized there was a better way. They didn’t just get rid of the bulletin, it was replaced with something that worked better for the church.

My guess: this new option will be read and passed around much more than their old printed piece. Read Tim’s blog entry for a blow-by-blow account.

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Michael Buckingham

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5 Responses to “Death to the Church Bulletin”

  • Clayton Bell
    August 7, 2008

    We just did the same thing and used the url to help us make the transition. No complaints, and 2K a month saved!

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  • Rosemary
    August 12, 2008

    You were spending $2000 a month on bulletins?!?

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  • michael
    April 19, 2010

    We just made this transition from print to digital for our bulletins. Check out our transition process here:

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  • mike
    June 14, 2012

    In order to move to digital, the church leadership has to bridge the generation gap holding them back..
    Secondly, the church has to move into the digital age with some education and up front movement like adding screens to the church so that the folks begin to see how the digital changes can benefit everyone.. including the sheep, the pastors and the music ministry.

    Today, we have to move past the generation gap between the old traditional establishment who are normally the elders and we Beatles generation that have grown up with fast music, guitars and computers.

    The bible tells us to not look back.. to not hold onto the past, but to reach for the future.. there are examples of this in the OT. One simple overlooked example is that boats are mentioned and later on.. sails were added. They didn’t come at the same time.. we learned that a sail was useful over time.

    Go for it!

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  • Steve Martin
    June 18, 2012

    I didn’t realize the Bible tells us to not hold onto the past. I can understand God not wanting us to hold onto our past of not knowing Christ.

    Some aspects of digital technology are helpful, but I do believe that there’s still a place for paper and ink.

    I could be wrong…again :D

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