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October 18, 2007 by

This week we celebrate our 1000th post, and we wanted to stick to what we’re most passionate about–your church marketing. We get tons of e-mails and questions asking about the possibility of getting a fabled CMS t-shirt. Our store is closed, but we came up with a way for you to pick one up.

We want to know how your church marketing used to suck, but now it doesn’t. What happened? Who changed? How did it start? How is the world different now? Let us know what’s been going on at your church. There are some simple guidelines for the submissions:

  • Be creative. No actual points exist, but imaginary points will be given for creativity.
  • The first five submissions will win a T-shirt from Church Marketing Sucks.
  • Your stories will become our property, so they might be featured on our site, but we’ll give credit where it’s due.

Remember to submit your submissions by e-mail to

We’ll feature some of the submissions on our site in the near future, so even if you don’t have a story, keep your eyes open and get encouraged.

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