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2007_07_24threeyearspoll.jpgA few weeks ago, we broke a new record in low responses by polling you about what polls you liked best. This week, we challenged that by asking you another question about CMS history. The moral of the story? CMS readers are so forward-thinking and ahead of the curve that what we used to do doesn’t matter.

Either way, here’s what you thought about our favorite offerings in our first three years:

The most popular response was that you enjoy hearing about what churches are doing. 24% of you enjoy these posts the most, so we’ll keep them coming! In the same range, 22% of you enjoy our Lab offerings and 20% of you like when we talk about the future of church marketing.

16% of you are more in touch with our philosophical side and like to hear our musings on church marketing philosophy. 7% enjoy our polls more than anything else. Keep checking back on Tuesdays and we’ll keep updating those. Remember to vote from as many IP addresses as possible! Not really, that was a joke.

8% of you are here as spies looking to frown upon us for our liberal, scamming, blasphemous ways. Welcome! 3% of you like something else we do. What’s that? Let us know in the comments. And finally, a whopping 0% of you enjoy our Q&As the most. Perhaps we’ll do some more of those in the future.

This week, we’re away from questions about CMS and back to the good stuff. What web 2.0 apps does your church use? We’ve asked this before, and we’re checking in to make sure you guys are keeping with the curve. Head over and vote now!

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