10 [Cheap] Ad Ideas from Roy H. Williams

February 26, 2007 by

If you’re not already getting the Monday Morning Memo from adman Roy H. Williams, you’re missing out. Not only is Williams a brilliant pithy writer, he’s got one of the sharpest minds that just oozes wisdom. I know several within the CMS community have attended his workshops at the Wizard Academy.

Today’s memo is very applicable to churches, especially church planters! By the way, did you know I am tag-teaming a couple workshops at the National New Church Conference? I’ll be doing a pre-conference track with Mark Batterson and a workshop with Drew Goodmanson.

Today’s Memo from Roy is full of cheap ways to advertise. Some won’t surprise you (door-hangers anyone?). Others will get your juices flowing (ever heard of nighttime silhouettes?). If you have cheap ideas that have worked for you, leave a comment and let the world know!

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Brad Abare

Brad Abare is the founder of the Center for Church Communication. He consults with companies and organizations, helping them figure out why in the world they exist, why anyone should care and what to do about it.
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2 Responses to “10 [Cheap] Ad Ideas from Roy H. Williams”

  • Dominor
    July 17, 2007

    10 [Cheap] Ad Ideas – I could not find the ideas.

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  • advertising churches
    August 14, 2009

    Ever hear of the alpha program? I have heard it works great and is not too much money to promote.

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