Church Marketing Without Money

March 3, 2006 by

Granger Community Church Communications Director Kem Meyer shares eight ways to improve church communications with little or no budget:

  • Have conversations. Lots of them.
  • Create a style guide.
  • Identify your specific audience.
  • Document your communication values.
  • Outline a strategy.
  • Reduce emotional overload.
  • Implement an official proofing team and process. (Have we convinced you of the need for proofing yet?)
  • Assemble a group of consumer advocates (or secret shoppers).

Kem offers greater detail on each point, including links to complete entries for several points and a few handy downloads.

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Kevin D. Hendricks

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  • slyypper
    March 12, 2006

    Perhaps it’s the late hour, but I’m finding the Granger CC site too white & brite for my taste.

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