How You Can Support Creative Missions 2019

How You Can Support Creative Missions 2019

April 24, 2019 by

For the ninth year in a row, Creative Missions is heading out to serve local churches. This year, 20 missionaries will be serving 15 churches in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts from April 27 to May 3.

It’s part of our annual missions trip for communicators, where we put our creative skills to work to help underfunded local churches. We’ve been doing it since 2011.

Here are three ways you can support Creative Missions:

1. Pray

One of the most important things you can do to support Creative Missions is to pray for the trip. Here are a few things you can pray for:

  • Pray that God protects the Creative Missions team, the pastors, and their families from physical, emotional, and spiritual attacks.
  • Pray the Creative Missions team will identify and serve the greatest needs for churches.
  • Pray for folks to generously give to the mission to support the needs shared previously.
  • Pray the gospel would spread throughout New England—that churches would be built up and many would hear the gospel, see it’s power in the lives of Christians, and trust in Christ and find true life.
  • Pray specifically for the churches we’re serving across Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts by name. Pray that their needs are met and that they’re able to communicate the gospel in new and effective ways:
    • Church at Westerly
    • Crossway Community Church
    • Faith Baptist Church
    • Faith Community Church
    • Frenchtown Church
    • Grace Bible Church
    • Grace Harbor Church – New Bedford
    • Heritage Christian Fellowship
    • Huntington Street Baptist
    • International Alliance Church
    • Journey Church
    • Legacy Church
    • Lighthouse Baptist
    • Refuge Church
    • United Baptist

2. Donate

Creative Missions has always done a lot with a little. We deliver professional communication solutions to churches who can’t afford it. That means a ton of free labor from our missionaries, but it also requires software and printing and equipment—not to mention lodging, vehicles, and food.

Helping underfunded churches isn’t free.

Here are some of the big ticket items we need help with:

  • Meevo streaming video cameras: $480 x 3 churches = $1,440
  • Video projector: $700
  • Propresenter license: $399 x 2 churches = $798
  • Printing: Signs, invite cards, etc. = $2,500
  • Rental cars: $300 x 5 teams = $1,500
  • Lodging: $8,000
  • Meals: $1,200

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support Creative Missions.

3. Follow Along

Follow the #CreativeMissions hashtag on Twitter or check out our Creative Missions 2019 list. Also watch for updates on Facebook@cmsucks, and we’ll be sharing more about the trip as it happens next week. We’ll also be posting a recap after the trip.

Here’s the roster of this year’s Creative Missions Team. Follow along and give them a digital high-five for the work they’re doing:

Chloe Ainsley, Brian AlexanderBart Anestin, Ethan Bailey, Andy BurnsCatherine BurtEvan CourtneyAlex EimanBrad Huss, Tim Gaskins, Danielle Hartland, Cass JewelLaura Jewel, Andrew MillerEric MurrellCleve PersingerJoe Porter, Chuck Scoggins, Josh VanMeter, and Jon Vineyard. (Follow them on Twitter)

We love Creative Missions. Please support the team and all their hard work.


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