How You Can Support Creative Missions 2018

How You Can Support Creative Missions 2018

May 18, 2018 by

Right now an international team of church communicators are descending on Calgary in Alberta, Canada, to help churches communicate better. Welcome to Creative Missions 2018.

It’s part of our annual missions trip for communicators, where we put our creative skills to work to help underfunded local churches. We’ve been doing it since 2011.

Here’s how you can support the effort:

1. Pray

Let’s pray for the missionaries, the churches and the people of Calgary:

  • For the missionaries, pray that God would provide the funds, the energy, and the creative focus to be effective communicators. May they serve these churches well.
  • For the churches, pray that God would breathe a new spirit of excitement, focus, and clear communication into their work. May they reach their communities with the gospel.
  • For the people of Calgary, pray that God would be near to them. May they hear God’s message of hope and grace through these churches.

2. Donate

Creative Missions has always accomplished much with very little. It’s a ragtag team on a shoestring budget, but that budget is important. We need help with logistics and communication costs. Our missionaries pay their own way, but we still feed them and drive them around. The churches we’re helping are underfunded and can’t pay for things like banners and software. We set them up with what they need to be sustainable.

But none of it is free. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support Creative Missions.

3. Follow Along

Follow the #CreativeMissions hashtag on Twitter or check out our Creative Missions 2018 list. Also watch for updates on Facebook, @cmsucks, and we’ll be sharing more about the trip as it happens next week. We’ll also be posting a recap after the trip.

Here’s the roster of this year’s Creative Missions Team. Follow along and give them a digital high-five for the work they’re doing:

Katie Allred, Bart AnestinLaura Bennett JewelAndy BurnsCatherine Burt, Mallory ClarkEvan Courtney, Eric DunawayAlex EimanErin FeldmanRebecca HarrisBrad Huss, Jason Kempf, Rob LaughterDenisse LeonEric MurrellKyler NixonCleve PersingerJoe Porter, Charles Roberds, Owen Scott, and Dustin Wegner. (Follow them on Twitter)

We love Creative Missions. Please support the team and all their hard work.


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