How Can Lighting Enhance the Worship Experience?

How Can Lighting Enhance the Worship Experience?

October 17, 2018 by

Worship brings heaven to earth; it gives opportunity for us to really engage with God, to spend time alone in his presence, or to come alongside others and experience glimpses of an eternity in praise. Whichever way you worship, the environment you are in can affect how you connect with God. It can truly enhance your experience, or it can hinder—distract even—the way you meet with him.

Being an Anglican church in suburban U.K., we are blessed to have a big, traditional building that is typical of what most would expect of a church building. We have the bell tower, the stone architecture, the pipe organ, the detailed woodwork, and chancel and alter. But, as beautiful as the building is, and as much as God’s spirit moved and worked among us there, the building also restricted what we wanted to do.

Our vision is to be a growing church—to see spiritual growth in our church members, to see more and more come to faith, and to resource other churches so they see growth, too. With that vision came questions: How do we engage younger generations? How do we bring people to God creatively and in ways accessible to varying generations?

It wasn’t a quick or by any means easy journey, but a year after some major reordering work we have seen the life of our church transformed. Removing the pews played a big part in this as it allowed us the space to change up the seating and accommodate new and different events. But a huge part in changing the atmosphere of worship has been the changes made to the lighting.

Learn more about how an older church utilized lighting to turn a very traditional building into a vibrant and modern atmosphere:


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Emma Atkinson

Emma lives in Manchester, U.K., with her husband and two children. She was a youth worker for many years before starting work for St. Mary Magdalene and Sale West Community Church in Sale, Manchester, where she is now the parish administrator.
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  • Anne@CMM World
    October 21, 2018

    Proper lighting impacts the mood of your service and contributes to how well congregants comprehend and retain what takes place.

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