Environments: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

Environments: New Courageous Storytellers Resources

October 1, 2018 by

Everything we do communicates something. That’s kind of a cool, trendy sentence, but sometimes that fact is super annoying, isn’t it? From your parking lot to your worship space and everywhere in between, people are taking note of what your environments communicate—even if they don’t realize it. A very important (and fun!) part of your job as a communicator is to ensure those details are shored up and intentional to create a comfortable and effective environment for your guests.

This month we have some really stellar resources that provide some pointers and offer fresh perspectives for those environments in your church. Whether you choose to focus on your lobby, your parking lot, your stage, or even your office, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the full list of what’s new this month:

  • The how and why behind environmental projection with Camron Ware.
  • “Must-Haves” for every church environment.
  • An awesome example of how lighting can enhance your worship space.
  • Downloadable welcome cards for the kiddos at your church.
  • 5 tips to create the perfect welcome.
  • Important things to consider for welcoming people with disabilities.
  • 9 things to do now to get ready for Christmas.
  • How to increase productivity at your workspace.
  • 5 things our church environments communicate.
  • Checklist for updating the outside of your building.
  • 13 examples of churches becoming the ‘Third Place’ in their communities.

And, as always, we have a fresh collection of done-for-you social graphics.

Every month, we upload super practical resources for church communicators who could use an extra hand. Last month we tackled every communicator’s favorite topic—announcements. Next month is all about social media. Learn more about Courageous Storytellers today.

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